Video Game Bosses

Posted on July 21, 2012 - 1:09pm by BloodBird

This is a music parody of several popular video games, taking a look at how foolish and repetitive the bosses are. This took a while to create, but I think it turned out great.

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Have you ever noticed that

All of the stupid bosses

Use a lot of incompetent henchmen

Bowser is no exception

He uses Goombas, Koopas, and Shy Guys

Why would anyone want to use so many

Enemies you can just stomp on

Wouldn't it make more sense if some of them could

Take more hits

I mean everytime Mario comes on by

There's a trail of enemies

All they have to do if they want to stop him

Take his cap

Bowser never seems to realize

Mario is too good

Bowser stop smoking so much shrooms now

And go fight him yourself, but


Every boss insists on using their henchmen

Even when 80 million of them perish

Don't they, Ever, Learn an-ything

Dr. Robotnik, once more you're defeated

What does that make it 19 or 20 times?

How can, you keep, losing, too him

Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't like the water

Why don't you build an Egg Fortress under there

Just once, learn from, all your, mistakes


Moving on to outer space

Which is where the battles set in Star Fox

Your goal is to stop Andross

Who wants to take over the galaxy

Andross is just a big head

Although if you play it right he's a brain and eyes

Puts his faith into Star Wolf

Which is a bunch of dorks who can't shoot right

Also what's with how they talk?

Every time they talk they sound like douchebags

Fox is like, what the hell is wrong with these guys

They don't know how to do a single thing right

Andross you are making this way to easy

This is how in these games it always seems to


End up all the same, Kirby is another game

Where the boss has tactics that don't really make any sense

Kirby can copy enemies abilities

Why then Dedede do you keep sending them

Just use the ones that don't have any specific element

Also what's with King Dedede, is he an ally or enemy

Sometimes he does very bad things, other times he helps Kirby

Ok then maybe I was wrong, it's not the greatest example


Forget what I said before about Kirby let's move onto Mega Man who can defeat

Robot Masters by copying their signature attack

You would have thought that since Dr. Wily and Dr. Light both helped create the robots

Dr. Wily would have made his so that Mega Man couldn't use all their abilities

Dr. Wily is such an evil genius he wants to rule the world

But how can he rule a world in which he is constantly stopped by Mega Man

Here's a thought for you Dr. Wily why don't you have all of your robots attack him

All at once instead of having him defeat them all one at a time which is easy


Moving on, to Donkey Kong

King K. Rool, he does it wrong

He sends out too many crocs

Donkey Kong, Knocks off their

Socks it to them every time they

Enter into Congo Jungle

DK Flies through them like their nothing

King K. Rool, put down the ham

Come up with, a battle plan

How'd you get to become king

Did you eat his majesty


Now let's look

Right at Ganondorf

Finally someone does it right

Warped the land, sent out monsters and

Left some ghouls in charge

It doesn't matter if

Link will win in the end

It will take ages to rebuild

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