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PSN Weekly Update 9/16/14

Blog Post | Posted September 16, 2014 - 7:32pm
A rather lackluster week of releases aside from Murasaki Baby. However, there are some pretty good sales this week you should still check out along with all new DLC including that Creed song pack for Rocksmith that we have all been waiting for.... All this and more on this edition of the Weekly Update

Guilty Gear Xrd Limited Edition announced for PS4 and PS3 release in North America

Blog Post | Posted September 14, 2014 - 7:00pm
If you're willing to put down the extra cash, you can Rock quite literally with the game's soundtrack and some other artsy goodies.

Mighty No. 9 BETA (PC) Review - Zero's Maverick Hunting

Video | Posted September 12, 2014 - 9:02pm
I've been waiting an entire year to try this game. How does it fare so far?

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Import Preview

Video | Posted September 11, 2014 - 7:07pm
Taking a look at the import version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Capcom reveals Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be an episodic thriller

Blog Post | Posted September 10, 2014 - 6:40pm
I suppose there's enough room in the gaming space for two episodic serials about a zombie outbreak.

Shadow of Mordor Delayed PS3/360, Xbox One Dashboard Update, Ray Rice Removed | Hard News 09/09/14

Video | Posted September 9, 2014 - 4:46pm
Today on Hard News, Shadow of Mordor Delayed PS3/360, Xbox One Dashboard Update, Ray Rice Removed.

Is Destiny Destined to succeed? | ThatPunkAdam's Column

Blog Post | Posted September 8, 2014 - 3:30pm
ThatPunkAdam analyses Bungie's experience, market at release and current figures to determine if the Halo-maker's latest shooter is destined to succeed...

Fallout 3 Review - RetrospectiveGaming Episode 17

Video | Posted September 7, 2014 - 7:58pm
Episode 17 Of RetrospectiveGaming I Review Fallout 3

Slender: The Arrival will stalk Xbox and PlayStation fans later this month

Video | Posted September 7, 2014 - 12:40pm
The Internet's most recognizable villian wants to haunt your PS3 and Xbox 360.

g1 Spotlight: That reminds me of an OBJECTION!

Blog Post | Posted September 6, 2014 - 5:35pm
TAKE THAT! We're loaded with tons of awesome g1 content this week. No reason but you dive in and have fun. GOTCHA!

Bungie offering free new-gen upgrade to anyone who buys a last-gen digital copy of Destiny

Blog Post | Posted September 6, 2014 - 12:40pm
Certainly a good deal for those on the fence about picking up Destiny before picking a PS4 or Xbox One.

Mortal Kombat X will Finish It next April; Goro announced as pre-order bonus

Blog Post | Posted September 5, 2014 - 9:20pm
Can't wait to see how the four-armed goliath improved his fighting style over the span of 25 years.

Fright Time: Lone Survivor part 7

Video | Posted September 4, 2014 - 9:15pm
Weird flash back with that random girl....tell me your secrets video game.

PSN Weekly Update 9/2/14

Blog Post | Posted September 4, 2014 - 8:00pm
It's the first of the month so we get a slew of new PS+ content, a bunch of new games for all consoles including: PSOne Classic Megaman X4, Joe Danger, Velocity 2X, and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. All this, DLC, and much more in this weeks edition of the Weekly Update.

WayForward developed TMNT metroidvania game has the Turtles brawling across NYC and Dimension X

Blog Post | Posted September 4, 2014 - 7:20pm
If you're a fan of Nickelodeon's take on the "Heroes in a Half-Shell" and need to fill your craving for more before Season 3 (with something other than pizza), this action-platformer could be something to check out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze screen shots

Blog Post | Posted September 4, 2014 - 10:36am
Tmnt New game screen shots are out

Capcom marks the official reveal of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 with some creepy concept art

Blog Post | Posted September 3, 2014 - 9:40pm
Evil is watching.

4J talks about the chances of Minecraft coming to Wii U: taking the console's popularity and ability to update into account.

Blog Post | Posted September 3, 2014 - 6:00pm
After arriving on almost every other platform, the popular open-world sandbox game could make it to Nintendo's latest console if a few key factors are in place...

[TGS 2014 Trailer] Persona 5 Delayed To 2015, Coming To PS4

Video | Posted September 2, 2014 - 10:05am
The next entry in the Persona series is getting ready to burn some dread in the first peek at the Tokyo Game Show

Persona 5 Trailer (coming to PS3 and PS4

Video | Posted September 1, 2014 - 12:54pm
Here is the first Anime trailer for Persona 5