Craig gets the scoop about the new game modes in Black Ops II zombie mode

Posted on September 26, 2012 - 11:00am by Craig

With the release of the new Zombies trailer (above) for Black Ops 2, Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia, hooked me up with a ton of info that's not available just by looking at the trailer.  Here's the rundown on Zombies in Black Ops II:

The Story Behind It
    ⁃    Actions on "The Moon" map (DLC in Black Ops 1) will have impact on zombies in BO2 and play into the story
    ⁃    New Playable Characters
    ⁃    New Zombies with new abilities.
    ⁃    Largest Zombies World Ever
    ⁃    Multiple areas with land inbetween
    ⁃    Transportation in between areas
    ⁃    New Weaponry
    ⁃    Future tech, zombie weapons

Zombies will feature three main modes:

Story Mode
    ⁃    1-4 Players in co-op
    ⁃    Expansive World
    ⁃    New Gameplay Mechanics include:
    ⁃    The Bus that can provide shelter and move you from location to location.  The downside is that it is compact.
    ⁃    If you don't want to move around in the bus you can go out in "the fog" which can be very dangerous but has big rewards.
    ⁃    Buildables, meaning you can put things together to create weapons, defense or access to other weapons
Survival (Classic Zombies)
    ⁃    1-4 players
    ⁃    Custom made playable areas. Made from areas in larger world

    Greif (vs mode)
    ⁃    Humans vs Humans vs Zombies
    ⁃    2-8 players
    ⁃    last human team standing wins (standalone levels)
    ⁃    can't shoot the other players but can do things to make it harder

The Zombies Multiplayer Engine Features:

    ⁃    Leaderboards
    ⁃    Stat Tracking like most boarding, most kills, etc
    ⁃    Improved Matchmaking that will match your team vs similar skilled teams
    ⁃    Ability to create custom games in every mode including options like:
    ⁃    Set Starting Round (points given at the start to open doors, etc)
    ⁃    Headshots only challenge
    ⁃    Magic Items being turned off

Solo players have the option of playing on easy or normal difficulty.

In addition I have a couple screen shots to get your zombie pants warmed up. Click below to check them out.

Make sure to check back Thursday morning at 11am Easter/10am Central/8am Pacific time when I have all the details you'd ever want about Multiplayer mode as well as my initial impressions about some of the new features!

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