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8-peacock-8's Wall

7/5/12 10:55pm
StealthRanger wrote on 8-peacock-8's profile.

Hi there!

7/5/12 10:27am
Namco Bandai's Bizarre All Star Battle

Namco Bandai's Bizarre All Star Battle

So it seems that the "ALL STAR BATTLE" wasn't related to Super Smash bros at all.
7/2/12 7:25pm
Retro Grand Prix wrote on 8-peacock-8's profile.

Thanks a tone for the sub! I work super hard on my vids so any and all views are much appreciated!

6/13/12 7:29pm
Gaijin Goombah wrote on 8-peacock-8's profile.

Thank ya kindly! ^_^


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