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Posted on 3/18/14 12:47am

Kailoli you went away DX

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Posted on 12/6/13 3:53am
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Posted on 10/28/13 10:10am

g1AD Presents: Asian Pop Night

g1AD is at it again with another showcase on all things Asian Pop!

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Posted on 6/17/13 9:37pm


Despite knowing full-well that this site is dedicated to gaming. Kailoli discusses the biggest hits of 2013 (so far) in the Korean Pop scene. Is your favourite here?

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Posted on 1/18/13 4:47pm

Just so you know, there's an old Dante costume in the Devil May Cry.

Posted on 10/27/12 5:29pm

It seems my plans have fallen through tonight so I'll be spending the night reading g1 blogs. On the side of that, I'll be making my first forum sig (YAYYYYY) and potentially writing a blog... what should I write about?

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Posted on 8/30/12 5:52pm
Posted on 7/27/12 12:03pm

So I'm in a writing mood today (thanks to the beautiful rain), what should I write and publish today? I'll write about anything you'd like ^_^

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Posted on 7/24/12 4:08pm

Seven Reasons Why I'm Left SIDETRACKED

Kailoli has a moment in reflections after working on the first season of SIDETRACKED, a g1 run podcast for g1's.

Posted on 7/18/12 8:23pm

while I wait to watch the rest of the 'first episode' of SYTYCD and by extension, write the review, how about some DayZ in an hour or so? Add me on steam: Kailoli ^_^

Posted on 7/10/12 2:02pm

So people keep asking me to write about pole dancing, and though I'd be glad too... I'm not sure exactly how to write it. What do you want to know about it? Also, So You Think You Can Dance review incoming lol

Posted on 6/26/12 11:09pm

Hey everyone! I just got a PS3 ^_^ add my PSN and let's play :D PSN: Kailoli

Posted on 6/24/12 4:31pm

So this little gamer is getting a PS3 at the end of the week. On top of getting Uncharted, Infamous, UMvC3, Ico Collection, MGS Collection and Little Big Planet 2, what else should I get?

Posted on 6/12/12 9:53pm

People clearly aren't thinking what exactly NintendoLand is. It serves two purposes... ONE: It serves as the tutorial of the Wii U tech. TWO: It serves to link casuals to the 'hardcore' Nintendo first party games. "That Zelda game was fun, maybe I should check out Skyward Sword." Nintendo said before this console was geared to both groups of gamers and they also wished to "convert" casuals into the "core" group... And am I the only one who is actually amped for the Wii U?

Posted on 6/12/12 12:06am

I'm so peeved right now. This unruly person PM'd me calling me a slacker and failure for not upkeeing 30DVGC and there was no excuse for this. I'm sorry, but dealing with funerals (please take notice of the morpheme S, as in a plurality of death) and finding a job to pay for my lifestyle I have not been able to upkeep a lackluster project. I apologize to those kind and understanding for not working on it, but to you, my dearest reader with no sense of empathy... suck my dick. <3

Posted on 6/5/12 9:52pm

So it seems this person right here ( has terrible luck...or I guess my family has. I just found out I'll be attending yet another funeral this week for another family member. This time one of my aunt's. It goes without saying that if I post anything, it will be a miracle....

Posted on 6/4/12 10:51pm

Sorry I haven't posted any 30DVGC articles. My Great-Grandmother just past away and my whole family and I are dealing with it the best we can. Mix that with E3 and you have a very emotionally confused gamer. Be back as soon as I can :D <3

Posted on 6/1/12 8:46pm

I just hit 27 subscribers! 27 is my favourite number! Never thought I get 5 subscribers, let alone almost 30. Thanks guys! You make a girl feel loved :)

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Posted on 6/1/12 6:59pm

30DVGC - Favourite Original Soundtrack

Day Eight of the 30 Day Video Game Challenge! Today's topic, the best original soundtrack. :D

Posted on 6/1/12 5:34pm

Man, I hope people are ready for a lot of feelings. This is definitely a bit of a mushy gushy kind of article. Who knew music would make you think and write like this...

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