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Mr. Mittens's Wall

12/14/12 11:08pm
Alpha Unit wrote on Mr. Mittens's profile.

What does the hand up your...Butt feel like?

9/23/12 1:56pm
Mr. Mittens posted a new show
Mr Mittens the Cat Puppet Behind the Scenes

Mr Mittens the Cat Puppet Behind the Scenes

A look into the minds of the characters and people behind "Mr Mittens the Cat Puppet"
7/19/12 10:11am

Meow, Mr Mittens is going to post his first video today! Yey!

7/2/12 9:53am

Meow, if I could turn back time. If I could find a way. I'd stop quoting lyrics from songs that stupid people say.

5/29/12 1:26pm
Craig wrote on Mr. Mittens's profile.

Thanks for coming to the g1 community! Make sure to use your wall to communicate with others in the community and also share your videos and blog posts. We look forward to having you here.

5/27/12 11:33am

Meow, If the plural word for mouse is mice, then is the plural word for moose miice?

5/26/12 10:43pm
SpoonMan Abrams X wrote on Mr. Mittens's profile.

Why, Hello there Mr. Mittens! How are you this fine day?

5/23/12 9:15pm
Goomba Xx wrote on Mr. Mittens's profile.

Thanks for the sub Mr. Mittens! But could you remember to log out next time you sign in? I accidently posted on smoke's wall with your account...

5/23/12 9:03pm

Meow, so now I'm in on the attack on screws! DOWN WITH THE SCREWS!!!

5/23/12 8:59pm

Meow, wow wee! ScrewAttack sure is pretty lookin!


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