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Posted on 6/29/12 1:14am

I thought you might appreciate this, as you seem to enjoy celebrating childhoods: http://www.screwattack.com/news/1982-love

Posted on 6/14/12 11:31pm

I patched up my NES cartridge logo using MS paint. Fitting, really. Hah.

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Posted on 6/14/12 11:17pm

Memory Lanes: The Legend of Zelda

Looking back on the first true RPG I've ever played and how amazing it was.

Posted on 6/11/12 8:53pm

Been racking my brain over this for a long time. Lga 1155 ivy bridge, or lga 2011 Sandy bride E for easier future upgrades?

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Posted on 6/11/12 2:04am

Memory Lanes: Super Mario Brothers

A life-long gamer shares his thoughts and memories on the first game he ever played: Super Mario Bros.

Posted on 6/11/12 12:37am

I've been lurking the site for years. Perhaps it's time I contribute something. Hello World~

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