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7/24/14 3:26pm

SideScrollers Extended Cut - 7/23/14

The boys are breaking down how their first show back went. Somethings went well, and others...
5/27/14 10:16am

Want to see how we voice a DEATH BATTLE!? | Exclusive Advantage Content

We go behind the scenes to see what it's like to be inside the sound booth!
5/24/14 6:53am
DBfan2000 wrote on Advantage Content's profile.

Wiz and Boomstick this following death battle that I am suggesting sounds awesome: Hulk vs Superman

5/10/14 1:07am

Sam's Worst Controller EVER!

Sam's worst ever controller was so bad, it was seemingly wiped off the internet entirely. Only this video's thumbnail and the video within exist as record of....The Loaf of Bread.
4/26/14 9:25am

Why Superman 64 is truly the worst superhero game EVER!

If you're not sure why Superman 64 is truly the worst superhero game ever, here's why!
4/1/14 4:40pm

Hard News Outtakes - Stories with Sean

Join Sean for story time! Bloopers from Hard News, March 2014.
3/8/14 1:36pm

Nick's Worst EVER Smash Bros. Character

Nick's totally not salty when it comes to his worst EVER Smash Bros. character. He's just preaching the truth.
2/27/14 6:20pm

Hard News - The "Antonia Bottino" Trial

Antonia Bottino! Antoni-AH BO-TEE-NO!
1/20/14 1:07pm

[Advantage] Dia De Huevos live stream opening

Originally aired as the opening of the Dia De Huevos live stream on Friday January 17th, you can now relive John getting punched in the nuts to death over and over again.
1/18/14 12:00pm

Chad's worst EVER villain!

Chad's worst villain EVER comes from a game he absolutely loves, but not enough to absolutely hate its bad guy.
1/13/14 6:31pm
clank wrote on Advantage Content's profile.

What will show up here now that SideScrollers is gone for the next year

12/18/13 12:23pm

SideScrollers Extended - 12/18/13

Chad and Sam talk about MAGFest!
12/14/13 11:11am

Nick's Best EVER Holiday Gaming Gift

Boy did he want a Nintendo 64, and the morning he got it was magical!
12/11/13 12:51pm

SideScrollers Extended - 12/11/13

The three discuss the new comments and MAGFest.
12/10/13 1:31pm
faisalpappu_1 wrote on Advantage Content's profile.

What is to do now

12/7/13 3:01pm

Craig's Worst EVER Videogame Movie!

It's safe to say that one movie ruined videogame movies forever for Craig.
12/4/13 12:05pm

SideScrollers Extended - 12/04/13

Chad drops the C-word.
12/2/13 5:51pm

Totally Screwed Up Bloopers and Outtakes

We don't always get it right the first time when we do wrestling stuff. Here's the proof.
11/27/13 12:31pm

SideScrollers Extended - 11/27/13

The SideScrollers have a hard time staying on topic.
11/20/13 12:06pm

SideScrollers Extended - 11/20/13

John sleeps on the floor and Sean loves Bacon.

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