• aftershock43

      Can you help my friend out?

      5 years ago

      The game it self he's proposal is for just the fun with no real story just the mayhem you would have when you mess around in like in GTA and the fun of saints row. If you would look over what he has and give your honest opinion on the link it would be much appreciated.

      The link to his proposal http://mediawithkrisrose.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/how-to-make-the-best-free-roamsandbox-game/

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    In Helgen, in Skyrim Dragon-born and raised, on adventures is where I spend most of my days, sneaking and smithing and acting all cool, and shooting some Mudcrabs outside of school, when a couple of guards they where up to no good, started making trouble for Dark Brotherhood, I got in one little fight and I hid in a tree, and that's when I took an iron arrow to the knee

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