Posted on 10/4/14 11:49pm

Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS Review

Smash 3DS very much good.

Alpha Unit posted a new video
Posted on 9/30/13 6:46pm
Posted on 9/27/13 11:50pm

Let's invent a new word for "erection".

Posted on 8/9/13 12:28am

Welp. I'll try to write a blog soon. I'll write another blog as quickly as I can depending on its relative success... Not that it matters. Not much interaction is here anyway.

Posted on 7/27/13 11:14pm

Warsh yer hands

Posted on 7/26/13 3:47pm

Hi William

Posted on 7/25/13 10:35pm


Posted on 7/23/13 11:12pm

Whoops. I accidently broke the wind. How do you fix it?

Posted on 7/23/13 12:10am

My imaginary subscribers are the best.

Posted on 7/21/13 12:14am

You're all angry now

Posted on 7/20/13 2:29pm

I hated those secret stages in Mario Sunshine.

Posted on 7/19/13 10:57am

Prove your love to me by fighting to the death.

Posted on 7/17/13 1:53pm

Here's a preview of my new blog:

Posted on 7/16/13 6:27pm

Dance. Dance for me.

Posted on 7/14/13 6:48pm

Why am I not voiced by Kevin Conroy?

Posted on 7/13/13 11:57am

FUCK. WHY? Dammit! Why? WHYHYHY? Terrible news everyone! Our lives are at yummy, delicious steak! The green skittles are now green apple instead of lime! We're doomed!

Posted on 7/12/13 10:53pm

The Amiga had some good tunes.

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