Posted on 1/15/15 11:01pm

Does anybody want a special code for the demo version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? I only have three to give away, so reply quickly if you want one. I will PM you with them when I get the chance.

Posted on 6/1/14 6:18pm

Does anybody want a free Wii U downloadable game? I already own the four titles in their respective physical formats anyway, so I have no use of this offer. Somebody scream here and PM me, ask me which game you'd like, and I'll send it your way. Better hurry!

Posted on 2/10/13 11:48pm

I've just completed Mass Effect 3 for the first time. As for the ending...well, I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.

Posted on 1/26/13 3:29pm

Does anyone know where I can find an mp3 of "Here at the Gaming Con"?

Posted on 10/2/12 9:28am

What an eventful week so far. My cousin committed suicide, I survived a car accident, I gave away two kittens, and Jared leaves/got fired! How could things get any worse? :'(

Posted on 9/19/12 8:41pm

Today's letdown: I wanted to see what would happen if you didn't escape in time during the final level of Metal Gear Solid. So I let the timer run out and...nothing happens. The game continues as it was. you can take as much time as you like to escape. No Earth-shattering kaboom, no repercussions, no game over, nothing. ._.

Posted on 8/27/12 8:58am

Alrighty! My $1,500 donation to ScrewAttack has been successfully sent! I'm either out of my mind or my enthusiasm knows no bounds. Here's to SGC 3! (\^0^/)

Posted on 8/5/12 8:49am

I'm starting to worry about the SGC Kickstarter's progress. I hope there is a surge of money waiting to be pledged somewhere...

Posted on 8/4/12 9:54am

I just donated $1,000 to help fund the SGC Kickstarter project! It's a meager amount, but I hope it'll help!

Posted on 7/3/12 6:14pm

I got to see Brave at the theater last night. Uh...nice try, Pixar???

Posted on 6/28/12 6:38pm

I will be attending San Japan in August - it's an anime convention in San Antonio, TX. I will be cosplaying as Dr. Robotnik and meeting up with old friends from college! If you're in the area, definitely check it out!

RiiLaKuma wrote on Altair0115's profile.
Posted on 6/28/12 8:13am

I forgot to thank you for the sub, by the way.

Posted on 6/27/12 12:24pm

Alright, boyos! My new blog is complete! And now, after this week, I'll be out of action for a while - gotta move and find work elsewhere. As soon as I find a new home with a reliable Internet connection, I'll be back. Until then, take care!

Posted on 6/27/12 11:37am

What I Learned from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally a Facebook note, this is my reflection on the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and how, after all these years, I've grown to appreciate it more than I have before. And I learn a few key lessons along the way!

Posted on 6/21/12 10:24am

Princess Zelda Was a Slut!

Turns out Zelda might not be as ladylike as we thought in Zelda II.

Posted on 6/21/12 12:02am

Sonic the Hedgehog: Ten Years of Fun

This was originally a contest entry for IGN's Sonic 20th Anniversary Blog Contest - the story of how I became exposed to Sonic the Hedgehog after growing up on Nintendo games. I didn't win, but I thought I'd share my story with everyone here.

Posted on 6/1/12 10:37pm

I got to see Lauren, Ben, Chad, and Sam today. But that's all. Complications and inconveniences came up, and I can't attend the convention any longer, though I wish I could've stayed for the weekend. :'(

Posted on 5/31/12 4:41pm

Dallas or bust! I'll be down at A-Kon starting tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

Posted on 5/24/12 10:27pm

I'm hooked on DuckTales again - after all these years, Home Sweet Homer is still my favorite episode.

Posted on 5/24/12 9:43am

Alright, mein fruends[sic]! Next town hall meeting, May 30th, 6:00 PM CST! Be there!

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