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All Blog Entries Posted by Andrej

How much are your Microsoft Points worth?

Posted 1 year ago on 6/13
Microsoft provides some more info on the switch from Points to real money.

Major Nelson sheds light on Achievements and Gamerscore for Xbox One

Posted 1 year ago on 6/13
Will you have to start from scratch?

E3 2013: Rock the rooftops in Mirror's Edge 2

Posted 1 year ago on 6/10
Get ready to make the shiniest city on earth your bitch once again.

E3 2013: New Halo revealed!

Posted 1 year ago on 6/10
The Master of Chiefing is back!

Insert beer to continue: Arcade game rewards players with brew

Posted 1 year ago on 2/14
Say goodbye to cold hard cash and get yourself a nice cold one.

Capcom wants to know your favorite Steet Fighter characters

Posted 1 year ago on 2/7
Submit your Top 5 and help influence the future of the franchise.

Iwata sez: Wii U NFC functionality not ready yet

Posted 1 year ago on 2/5
The Near Field functionality of the Wii U might still be far off.

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