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Aqua Rhapsody, an Indie flash game

Posted 1 year ago on 8/15
Indie flash game with digitized clay graphics, rapid shooting action, brutal difficulty, and tons of secrets! What's not to like?

GameGadget, a system that wants to be "the iPod of Gaming"

Posted 2 years ago on 11/25 | Promoted to ScrewAttack's News Section
A new challenger has appeared...

Ridge Racer Vita is very, very slim on content

Posted 2 years ago on 11/24
Only contains 3 courses, 5 tracks, and runs at 30 FPS.

Rumor: EB Games/GameStop merging "used" and "new" game sections [UPDATE]

Posted 2 years ago on 11/23
Shopping for games may soon become even more confusing...

Sega hints at new Daytona USA

Posted 2 years ago on 10/3

My Hard News set design

Posted 2 years ago on 9/20

Maybe this second 3DS Slide-Pad thing isn't too terrible after all.

Posted 2 years ago on 9/14
Will it succeed, or will it fail? That is the question.

Random Video Game Fact #3

Posted 2 years ago on 9/14

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