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Atomsk777's Subscribers

  • LandonME

    gamer/movie-goer. that pretty much sums it up! lol
  • JamesRonald

    I'm the dude who does Epic Game Music! “This guy can really shred. Love to hear his adaptations of video game tunes.” -Stuttering Craig (Owner/Founder of ScrewAttack.com) "That was EPIC!! Loved it! Awesome!!!!!" -...
  • SamuraiLink

    I love all genres and games my favorite genre of game is fighters. Im just your average nerd of all trades
  • glass joe

    I'm a dude
  • Nickass

    I am a huge Nintendo fan-boy supporting all of the creations from n64 to the cdi and PlayStation(SORTA) . Favorite games are: Animal Crossing Jak 3 Kingdom Hearts Conker's BFD Civilization Tetris Kirby nightmare in...
  • KabalsUmbreon180

    Hi, I'm Alex and I'm from New York. I'm a huge Fighting genre fan, Especially Doujin fighters and Arc System fighters as well as a Pokemon fanatic (even the rom hacks). I also enjoy JRPGs (Level-5 FTW) and Horror games...