Posted on 8/24/12 8:08pm

Punish Atsinganoi/I Find My Lack of Faith Disturbing/Suggest-a-Blog

Didn't think SGC Kickstarter would meet it's goal. Punish me by suggesting 1 blog topic that I will have to write about between now and the start of SGC 3.

Posted on 7/11/12 8:48am

100 in 1 Year - Wonder Boy/Adventure Island (41 to 45)

On my quest to beat 100 games in 1 year, I beat five games from one of my favorite series and one I believe deserves much more love from the gaming community.

Posted on 7/10/12 6:14am

I'll finally be posting some blogs again soon...probably. I've got a good reason for my absence, which I'll likely explain in my next blog.

Master Wayne wrote on Atsinganoi's profile.
Posted on 6/20/12 8:18am

My Arguement is still Valid... LIKE A BOSS....

Posted on 6/1/12 8:51am

100 in 1 Year - Capcom Goodness (36 to 40)

Back in the day, it might have seemed like Capcom could do no wrong. They definitely had a pretty great average, batting way over .500 if you will. Well, I beat 5 more of their games. So let's see how they fared.

Posted on 5/28/12 8:38pm

Top 5 Ways ScrewAttack Fucked Up FaceAttack

Find out why I think FaceAttack is a horrible piece of shit!

Posted on 5/25/12 8:50pm

100 in 1 Year - Zelda and Ninja Gaiden on the NES (31 to 35)

Zelda and Castlevania: what more can I say?

Posted on 5/25/12 6:59am

100 in 1 Year - Classic NES Games? (26 to 30)

Some games are considered classics, but not all deserve the title. On my way to beating 100 games in 1 year, I beat five of these "classic" games that I believe are undeserving of the name.

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