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Baleoce's Wall

6/17/13 3:32am
pre10do64 wrote on Baleoce's profile.

Thank's for subscribing! I'm not sure why you did because I'm not a video poster or blogger, but thanks!r

9/17/12 12:01pm

First thing I thought of when I saw the Wii U MSRP: http://imgur.com/NJ73R

7/28/12 10:17am

Just added Sonic 1 ~ Marble Zone to my VG Music Trackers playlist on YouTube, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL243AA14064CA6CA9 I take requests also, so sub if you like it, and check out the description in the playlist if you want to know exactly what's going on :)

7/24/12 12:12pm

I just tallied my Steam spend-age during the sale period. Really wish I hadn't.. Total ended up being £181.78, which equates to roughly $282. Head > Desk.

7/21/12 4:40pm

Might write an article on Ouya sometime soon.

7/14/12 3:41pm
Baleoce posted a new video

Super Potato!

Something for Craig and Chad to check out on their Asian adventure.
6/27/12 9:56am
Baleoce posted a new video

I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden

As if EVO 2k12 wasn't going to be epic enough..
6/24/12 5:43pm

Ok, hopefully now that Vanafest is done, I can get my body-clock fixed xD I'm lucky it was the weekend...

6/23/12 1:29pm

Ugh, my body clock is knackered. Covering this Vanafest goes from like 1:30am till 7am xD

6/23/12 11:44am
Baleoce posted a new blog article
Final Fantasy XI: "Seekers of Adoulin" (Coming 2013)

Final Fantasy XI: "Seekers of Adoulin" (Coming 2013)

Expansion announced at Vanafest, along with two new jobs classes.
6/22/12 9:45am
Baleoce posted a new blog article
"Seekers of Adoulin" FFXI expansion to be announced?

"Seekers of Adoulin" FFXI expansion to be announced?

Vanafest may have a surprise or two up its sleeve.
6/21/12 2:30pm
Baleoce posted a new blog article
FF7 finally coming to Steam?

FF7 finally coming to Steam?

Cached page suggests release is planned.
6/19/12 1:52pm

New VGM Tracker - Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg Act 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2bm0Vg48nM

6/19/12 10:02am

Does embed code work on the wall? Say, if I didn't want to make a blog or video post. Just a wall post, but wanted the content embedded.

6/19/12 8:27am
Hariet89 wrote on Baleoce's profile.

Thank you for subscribing ^^ I just started with my blog posts and you are my first subscriber. Thanks ^^

6/18/12 3:50pm
WC1610 wrote on Baleoce's profile.

Thakns for subscribing, broski! I'm sure I'll make some good blog posts...sometime. Ehehe. SOON.

6/18/12 9:41am

Watching Indie Game: The Movie on Steam :)

6/17/12 12:22pm

Oh my... Driver: San Francisco is currently 75% off on Steam. This is exactly why I love being roughly 1 year behind on my gaming.

6/16/12 3:05pm
SM3Carnage wrote on Baleoce's profile.

I know its kinda late but still, thanks for the sub!


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