Posted on 5/18/14 2:07pm

Sights from the "Just One More Quarter" VG Art Show!

Check out some of the cool sights from the recent "Just One More Quarter" video game art show!

BannerWood posted a new video
Posted on 4/23/13 12:40pm

Rachet and Clank: the Movie???

Well, didn't see this coming....

Posted on 1/23/13 5:02pm

The Last of Us, Survival and Post-Pandemic Editions!

A quick look at the two new North American collectors' packs for 'The Last of Us'

Posted on 5/26/12 12:06pm

Spirit far

My thoughts on progressing through Spirit far

Posted on 5/23/12 11:52am

Kool MK Retrospection vid

A fond look back at creating the first MK:

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