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      Sights from the "Just One More Quarter" VG Art Show!

      2 years ago

      Heya g1s, 

      This past weekend me, along with many artists from the NC Triad area, had our opening reception for the Just One More Quarter video game art show. 

      We covered the walls of Menace Inc. Studios: http://www.facebook.com/menaceincstudios, with a multitude of canvases, drawings, sculptures, and vinyl toys, all paying homage to our favorite games and systems. We had an awesome mix of VG music blasting, body painting by Amber Michael: http://www.facebook.com/AmberMichael?fref=ts, and had an all-around awesome time.

      So, I figured I'd share a few pics from the night with you guys.  Check 'em out!!! 








      *credit to Jeff Beck, Amber Michael, and all the other artists for the photos*




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      The Last of Us, Survival and Post-Pandemic Editions!

      3 years ago

      If you're like me or any other PS3 owner, The Last of Us is turning out to be a must-have game.

      But as awesome as the game looks, Naughty Dog has recently revealed two limited edition packs for the North American release.

      First is called the Survival Edition witch will cost you $79.99:

      And then there is the impressive Post-Pandemic Edition which is around $159.99:

      All in all, the game looks potentially epic, and these limited editions only serve to sweeten the pot.

      So, anyone planning on picking either of these up?

    • BannerWood

      Kool MK Retrospection vid

      4 years ago

      Hello alls,

      Here's a little vid I found on , that any Mortal Kombat fan would surely appreciate.  


      I still remember the first time I played the original arkade game and how awesome it truly was. ...and now to see how it all kame together is pretty sweet.  Its rather hard to believe its really been 20 years already.

      BTW, I think it  would've been nice if they had something like this video as an unlockable in MK9's Krypt...instead of the endless kollection of promo art.

      Anyways, hope you enjoy!


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      Happy BDay to Me! Unboxing the DOA 5 Collector's Edition

      4 years ago

      Hello all,

      Today I finally picked up my copy of DOA5, which I got myself as a late birthday present, and figured I'd show it off a bit. So here's just a quick look at DOA5's cool Collector's Edition.

      Within the fancy, and rather large, steel case you get:  

      • A hardcover art book...with promo pics of each fighter and stage, with little notes from the creative staff.
      • The official game soundtrack CD...with lots of cool themes from the game. 'The Way is Known' is my favorite so far.
      • A collectible poster with the entire cast of fighters.
      • A download code for the premium swimsuit costumes.
      • ..and of course the DOA5 game.

      All in all a good deal in my opinion...and a great addition to my collection.

      Anyways, now off to fight and jiggle.


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      Spirit Tracks...so far

      4 years ago

       Hello alls,

      So yeah, I must admit I've never been a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, mostly due to the fact that I grew up with only a Game Boy and a Genesis.  Even though I did get the chance to  play the original Zelda games on the NES, every now n' then...whenever I was over at a friend's place.  I did indeed  think they were fun...but I never invested any money towards them.

      However now I find myself playing Spirit Tracks on my gf's DS...and I have to say I'm very much enjoying it so far.  Having to use the stylist and microphone to traverse the game is a unique experience for me,  and the colorful art style and music are rather beautiful.  Also the bits of humor between Zelda and Link are a nice touch.

      I've only cleared the first major dungeon so far: The Forest Temple. But I found it quite enjoyable using the pinwheel tool  to clear areas of toxic gas and to solve all the key and treasure puzzles. I really like puzzling dungeons like this, and fighting a  giant bug boss at the end was an added bonus. Hopefully it only gets better from here.

      Now, even though I just happened upon this game by chance...and it is only the 3rd Zelda game I've ever played,  I'm enjoying myself so much so far, that it may end up making me a fan.  

      I'll update my status on the game as I go, and give more of my thoughts, so keep a look out...and feel free to share some of your memories of the game.



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