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The Best League of Legends Champion EVER!

Posted on 4/5 | Show: The Best EVER!
There are over a hundred LoL champions now, but which one is truly the best EVER!? Bryan, Chad, and Sam sure know who they think deserves the title!

The Worst EVER! - Mega Man Games

Posted on 3/29 | Show: The Best EVER!
There are over 100 Mega Man games, and there was no way they were all good. These are our worst Mega Man games EVER!

The Best TMNT Character EVER! feat. Andre the Black Nerd

Posted on 3/15 | Show: The Best EVER!
With so many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters in the comics, games, cartoons, and movies with so many characters, which one truly is the best EVER!?

The Worst EVER! - Super Smash Bros Character featuring Andre the Black Nerd

Posted on 3/8 | Show: The Best EVER!
With so many characters in the Smash Bros. games, which one is the WORST?!?

The Best EVER! - Kirby Power-Ups

Posted on 3/1 | Show: The Best EVER!
For all the things Kirby has ever been able to turn into, these are the pink puff's best power-ups EVER!

The Worst EVER! - Reimaginings

Posted on 2/8 | Show: The Best EVER!
These are the times when a videogame company went back to the drawing board, and came back with something far worse. These are the worst videogame reimaginings EVER!

The Worst EVER! - Power-Ups featuring Pat the NES Punk and DJ Cutman

Posted on 2/1 | Show: The Best EVER!
These are the powerups that might as well be called powerdowns. They really are the worst EVER!

The Best EVER NES Game is Mario 3! feat. Larry Oji & MovieBob

Posted on 1/25 | Show: The Best EVER!
It's pretty widely accepted that Super Mario Bros. 3 is the undisputed best NES game EVER, but it's not for one single reason. It's for all of these reasons!

The Worst EVER! - Villain feat. brentalfloss and the Angry Video Game Nerd

Posted on 1/18 | Show: The Best EVER!
These bad guys are so bad at being bad, they're just plain awful! They really are the WORST villains EVER!

The Best EVER! - Manly Videogame Men

Posted on 1/11 | Show: The Best EVER!
Of all the manly men in videogames, who are the manliest? These are!

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