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The Best Weaponized Animals EVER!

Posted on 7/6 | Show: The Best EVER!
In video games, we like to look at animals and use them to hurt people. Whatever the reason for that may be, these are the best animal weapons EVER!

The Worst Pokemon EVER! | The Best EVER!

Posted on 6/28 | Show: The Best EVER!
721. That's the number of possibilities that could be named as the worst Pokemon EVER. Out of over 700 choices, which ones truly are the worst pokemon EVER?!?

The Best Mortal Kombat Kombatants EVER! | The Best EVER!

Posted on 6/7 | Show: The Best EVER!
Who are the kombatants that are the best at saving Earthrealm or invading it? These guys!

The Worst Final Fantasy Characters EVER! | The Best EVER!

Posted on 5/31 | Show: The Best EVER!
We've lost count of how many Final Fantasy games there are and how many characters are in them. But, in that mass of people, these are the ones we think are the WORST Final Fantasy characters EVER!

The Best Classic First Person Shooter EVER! | The Best EVER

Posted on 5/17 | Show: The Best EVER!
There are soooooo many games a person could pick to say is the best classic FPS EVER, but which ones really deserve that title? If it was on or before the PS2, Dreamcast, or original Xbox, it just might be our best EVER!

The Worst Controller EVER! | The Best EVER!

Posted on 5/10 | Show: The Best EVER!
Every system had bad games, but a bad controller could ruin any game. These are our worst controllers EVER!

The Best Studio EA Killed EVER!

Posted on 5/3 | Show: The Best EVER!
Many studios have become EA's property over the years, and many of them have felt the touch of EA's scythe. These are our best EVER studios that EA killed!

The Worst EVER Superhero Game! | The Worst EVER!

Posted on 4/26 | Show: The Best EVER!
We all know Superman 64 is really really really bad, but there are other games that could surely contend for the title of Worst Superhero Game EVER!

The Best League of Legends Champion EVER!

Posted on 4/5 | Show: The Best EVER!
There are over a hundred LoL champions now, but which one is truly the best EVER!? Bryan, Chad, and Sam sure know who they think deserves the title!

The Worst EVER! - Mega Man Games

Posted on 3/29 | Show: The Best EVER!
There are over 100 Mega Man games, and there was no way they were all good. These are our worst Mega Man games EVER!