Posted on 2/17/13 2:03pm

The Secret of "Link's Awakening" Finally Revealed!

A comment tucked away within the deepest corners of the Hyrule Historia reveals some surprising information regarding Link's first Game Boy adventure!

Posted on 7/10/12 1:32pm

Finally got around to playing the DLC for Deus Ex: HR. Within seconds I was reminded as to why I love this game!

Posted on 7/5/12 4:03am

The Zelda Time-Line Explained – Part 1: Why We Needed a 3rd Time-Line

Remember when Nintendo blew our minds by revealing that the Zelda time-line doesn't just split once, but twice. For many, it didn't make sense... but for me, it finally made sense.

Posted on 7/5/12 3:59am

The Zelda Time-Line Explained – Part 2: Now Things Get Convoluted

Here, we take the premise for time-travel introduced in Ocarina of Time and apply it to Skyward Sword. Hold onto your hats 'cause this one's a doosey!

Retro Grand Prix wrote on beyondthestars's profile.
Posted on 7/2/12 6:21pm

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the sub!

Posted on 7/2/12 1:51am

A younger gamer recently told me that he not only played the original Mega Man... he beat it on his first try. All I could do in response was smile.

Posted on 6/18/12 12:56pm

Check out the new Game Changers!

Posted on 5/30/12 3:19pm

A new Game Changers is on the way!

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