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  • Elmo 3000

    The name's Elmo 3000. I do Game Wars, Elmo's Hour On, Elmo's Rants, Top 10s, and an interview series named Room 101. My favourite games are Earthbound, Tales of Symphonia, Killer7, Ivy the Kiwi, Shadow of the Colossus...
  • Yashooo

    I've been playing games ever since my dad brought me home a Nintendo 64 back in 1999, when I was only about 4 years old. Then I got Pokemon, and ogh ogh ogh! Those were best years of my life <3 I am now a Retro...
  • Baleoce

    I'm from Hereford in the UK. I have a huge love for video-game music and hope to one day be part of a touring orchestra that gets to play a lot of the game music repertoire. I'm a flautist by profession, and also a...
  • 2200

    Hey! The name's 22! Which is short for 2200.... I know, its weird. I get it already :P Love playing video games, reading manga, watching anime and just an all-around geek! I love writing blogs and interacting with g1s...

    Just like most people here, I am a wise gamer.
  • Multirandomable

    Hello. I'm Multirandomable. Most people call me Multi. Or Rando. It doesnt matter. I am an extreme doof. Here's my youtube channel where I post stupid things: http://www.youtube.com/user/MultiRandomable?feature=mhee
  • Evil Ivan

    105 POUNDS OF RAPE!Evil Ivan is a Sega fanboy who began his gaming odyssey on one of those stupid little tabletop things and never looked back after the NES. He resides in New York City and cares naught for the...
  • FrankHaggar

    Yo what`s up it`s FrankHaggar (formerly frankhaggar972) here. Well first of all my goal at Screwattack is to be the nice guy and giving feedback to blogs(that`s were i am mostly). Do I blog? Sure i got a bunch of series...
  • Gaijin Goombah

    Hey everyone! Gaijin Goomba here. To sum up myself... I've been studying about Japanese language, history, culture, economics, everything for eight years now. Two and a half of those eight were actually in Japan....
  • belle_noire20

    College student and aspiring artist. I`d love to be either a Professional Illustrator or Storyboard Artist.
  • southsing

  • Retro Grand Prix

    It's Iron Chef meets Game Center CX! Season 2 has begun! Click Here if you missed Season 1!
  • Digmbot

    So yeah. I'm a guy who loves his video games. Why else would I be here, right? I have super completionist problems, especially with RPGs. I'm also a Nintendo fanboy. And, I would like to conclude by saying that the...