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Taylor Davis has an amazing violin version of Gerudo Valley

Posted on 1/22
The video game violinist that never ceases to amaze me.

Ness, Toon Link, and Sonic Confirmed for SSB4!!!

Posted on 6/12
Not shocking but it's confirmed here.

Thor: The Dark World reveal trailer

Posted on 4/24
No, not a sequel to A Link to the Past.

Man of Steel - Official Trailer 3

Posted on 4/16
The only one who will hate this trailer is Goku.

Elysium Trailer

Posted on 4/9
With robot Matt Damon leading us...we are the 99%!!

This is the End: Red Band trailer

Posted on 4/2
Emma F*CKING Watson!

BigBossofMoss Secret Santa Unboxing

Posted on 12/18
A crappy quality video. Teaser pic is by Agent Hope on Devianart.

What I Did when Screwattack was Down

Posted on 5/26
I got something really cool.