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Black Nerd Recaps Super Smash Bros. Direct

Posted on 4/11 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Black Nerd Reacts to Smash Bros. Direct For Fun and For Glory! He also confuses Greninja for a Gremlin.

Epic Ninja Turtles Party with Vanilla Ice

Posted on 3/8 | Show: Black Nerd Comedy
Go Ninja Go! Andre Black Nerd goes to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme party in Dallas.

Black Nerd Rants on the Koopalings in Mario Kart 8

Posted on 2/20 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Andre the Black Nerd breaks down why we love the Koopalings so much more than Bowser Jr.

Black Nerd Rants on Little Mac in Smash Bros.

Posted on 2/15 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Little Mac is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. And Black Nerd stole your bike.

Black Nerd Rants on "Hipster" Sonic Boom

Posted on 2/12 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Andre the Black Nerd rants on the new Sonic Boom cartoon & game trailers and fickle Sonic fans.

Gaming & Being Cool with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart

Posted on 1/16 | Show: Black Nerd Comedy
Black Nerd talks gaming with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart of "Ride Along" while they teach Andre how to be cool.

Black Nerd Does "Ninja Rap" for Vanilla Ice

Posted on 1/11 | Show: Black Nerd Comedy
Watch Black Nerd interview Vanilla Ice, perform "Ninja Rap" in Ninja Turtles pajamas and WIN THE INTERNET!

Black Nerd Wants "Super Smash Kart"

Posted on 1/5 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Kirby on Rainbow Road in the Rosalina Smash Bros. trailer gives Andre an idea for Nintendo.

Black Nerd Rants on Rosalina in Smash Bros.

Posted on 12/19 | Show: Black Nerd RANTS
Is 2014 The Year of Rosalina? Andre Black Nerd Rants on if Rosalina has enough Nintendo street cred for Smash Bros.

The Hardest Part of Super Mario 3D World? Choosing a Character!

Posted on 11/26 | Show: Black Nerd Comedy
Andre Black Nerd and friends argue over which characters to be in Super Mario 3D World.

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