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4 | Last Updated: 2/1/13 3:11pm
Random videos of interesting content.

BloodBird's Top 10's

2 | Last Updated: 5/29/12 10:15am
A look at the best and worst of gaming.

Learning with Pokemon

2 | Last Updated: 7/5/13 1:08pm
Learning the fundamentals with the help of Pokemon.

Video Game Mega Mixes

5 | Last Updated: 12/28/12 3:33pm
Giant medleys comprised of unedited but delicately placed video game songs from one series, one game, or a whole bunch, made to sound as one giant mix.

Video Game Music

7 | Last Updated: 1/4/13 12:26pm
Anything Video Games and Music related can be found here, Remixes, Medleys, and anything else.

Video Game Music with Lyrics

14 | Last Updated: 8/12/13 9:21am
Video game songs with lyrics, Zelda, Sonic, Mario and More.

Which Theme is Better?

1 | Last Updated: 11/30/12 1:51pm
An in-depth comparison of different Video Game Themes from the same or to other game series all to determine, Which Theme is Better!