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      Leaked Halo 4 Beta screenshots show off new multiplayer features

      4 years ago

      Editor's Note: Moved those pictures into a nice little gallery. Great work!

      With E3 just around the corner, Microsoft is expected to highlight many new and exciting titles for the Xbox 360. But none will get more attention than Halo 4. Well, gamers might know what will be announced at E3 before it even happens, as leaked screenshots reveal some interesting new features about the game's upcoming multiplayer.

      HaloUniverse.it received an anonymous and of course blurry set of photos from the game's pre-release build, which shows off new gameplay features. These features include customizable loadouts, new armor abilities, and perks. One single map is shown, which has a snow and architecture theme to it, and it looks we may see the return of Covenant’s Ghost in one form or another.

      Of course, nothing can be truly confirmed from this other than that said features will be implemented into the multiplayer experience in some way. Microsoft's E3 press conference is expected to reveal more about the upcoming game, including the potential of a public multiplayer beta like in previous iterations. Has 343 Industries gone to the dark side and given in to what Call of Duty has done for years, or is it an innovative approach to a game series that has set the standard for first-person shooters on consoles?


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      Sonic 4: Ep. II Free at Your Local Starbucks!

      4 years ago

      Editor's Note: According to Sega.com, these codes have an expiry date (Feb 12, 2013), so don't forget to download them to your Apple device ASAP.

      Always wanted to get your hands on an iOS copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, but couldn't bring yourself to fork over $2.99 (which is the sale price as of this posting) to do so? Well, use that money to grab yourself an overpriced cup of coffee instead and land yourself a free copy of the game as well!

      According to Sonic Retro, you can pick up a free download code at the ordering counter of your local Starbucks between now and November 27th. Apparently, this only applies to US and Canadian locations of the coffeehouse chain, so sorry, rest of the world!

      This is in continuation of Starbucks' Pick of the Week promotions, in which each week, certain apps, songs, and videos are free to paying customers.

      Do you g1s now have an incentive to give in to the coffee-serving giant in exchange for some Blue Blur action?

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      Guild Wars 2's second Beta Weekend announced

      4 years ago

      Oh, how I fondly remember the first beta weekend of Guild Wars 2 back in late April: the giant skirmishes, the 50+ player boss battles, and the final hour's OP'd wildlife missions. Well, we won't have to wait too much longer for another one of those awesome beta weekends!

      ArenaNet announced that the second iteration of their beta weekends will be happening between Friday, June 8th at 12:00 PM PST and Sunday, June 10th at 11:59 PM PST. Also, players can expect that all of their previous characters from the first beta weekend have been carried over into this one, so they can pick up and play right where they left off.

      The post also states how ArenaNet has been listening closely to player feedback from the first beta weekend and has made vast improvements to gameplay elements, including party movement into overflow servers, chat functionality, key bindings, and other stability and performance fixes.

      To get in on the beta weekend, you must either have already pre-purchased the game through ArenaNet's online store, but you can also enter contests on the company's Facebook and Twitter pages to win beta keys for the weekend.

      Now if you'll excuse me, I need to open up my work availability for that weekend...

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      [Rumor] PS4 will have AMD graphics, ex-employee says

      4 years ago

      According to Forbes, a "former AMD employee" has stated that Sony's next-gen console will feature and AMD graphics card, which differs from Sony's choice of an Nvidia graphics card in its current-gen PS3. Both Sony and AMD declined to comment on the rumor.

      Although the change wouldn't really matter for the games coming out on the PS4, but making that switch would in turn create problems in any kind of backwards compatibility with PS3 games...unless Sony has some magic pixie dust or something...

      Some rumors suspect Sony will reveal their next console at this year's E3, where more details regarding graphics, backwards compatibility, and price will be disclosed ("599 US dollars," anyone?). What would happen if the PS4 was not backwards compatible?

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