Posted on 2/13/13 7:02pm

Sly Cooper Android Trophy app released!!

A new Android app released for all Sly Cooper games!!!

Posted on 2/4/13 7:01pm

Hitman Trophy app released!!

Unofficial fan made Hitman Trophy Android app released!

Posted on 1/11/13 6:02pm

Irish devs, bitSmith Games, release Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan for iPad

Newly released action adventure game, Kú, is making its way up the charts!!

Posted on 12/11/12 11:29am

Phantom Pain sure sounds like Metal Gear!

I'm I hearing what I want to hear? See the video for the evidence!

Posted on 11/19/12 3:29pm

PlayStation All-Stars Android app released!

In the build up to release day, a handy app is released!

Posted on 11/8/12 10:53am
Posted on 9/1/12 9:12am
Posted on 8/29/12 12:24pm
Posted on 8/23/12 7:43am

[Update] Help Broken Sword - The Serpent's Curse Adventure Kickstarter

Creator Charles Cecil want to make an old school 2D Broken Sword!!!

Posted on 8/3/12 6:47am

MGS4 Patch coming 6th August!!!!

Kojima Production announce release date.

Posted on 7/6/12 8:16pm

Toro and Heihachi announced for PlayStaion All Stars Battle Royale

2 announcements at EVO, 2 more for Comic Con next week!

Posted on 6/19/12 12:02pm

Ireland's ArcadeCon 2012 gets a great addition for Metal Gear fans

Quinton Flynn (voice of "Raiden" from Metal Gear series) will be at ArcadeCon 2012

Posted on 6/5/12 7:27am

Portal 2 getting full PS Move support

Sixense Studios bringing Move to Valve's baby.

Posted on 6/4/12 4:21am

Drake and Big Daddy Playstation All Stars Battle Royale revealed!!!

Playstation's Facebook page revealed polls

Posted on 5/31/12 11:37am

New Gears Of War!!!

Game Informer tease a new Gears Of War for next issue!!

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