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Phoenix Wright WITH LYRICS

Posted on 5/7
What if Phoenix Wright... had lyrics?

METROID: Fight For Love

Posted on 2/24
Check out a never-before-seen side of Samus Aran in brentalfloss' mini-rock opera about our favorite bounty hunter.

Super Mario 3D World WITH LYRICS

Posted on 12/23
Merry Christmas from brentalfloss!

brentalfloss: Video Game Composer?

Posted on 12/6
Prepare for a big announcement.

Luigi's Mansion WITH LYRICS

Posted on 10/30 | Show: with Lyrics
brentalfloss scares up a rendition of this spooky Nintendo classic just in time for Halloween!


Posted on 9/30
Bald wussy brentalfloss gets a lesson in trying new things from a real bro!

RANTalfloss: The Nintendo 2DS

Posted on 8/29
The Nintendo 2DS: Smart business move, or shortsighted cash-grab?

Just One Duck (Ducktales Remastered Song)

Posted on 8/12
brentalfloss teams up with a bunch of internet celebrities to celebrate the awesomeness that is Scrooge McDuck!

brentalfloss presents: Game Launch Rock!

Posted on 8/8
The Console Wars explode into song in this "School House Rock" parody!

The Chocobo Song WITH LYRICS

Posted on 6/17
Watch brentalfloss offend giant birds and Irish people alike in this crazy pub punk video!

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