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All videos posted by brentalfloss

brentalfloss - Super Mario Land WITH LYRICS

Posted on 10/11
Floss gets help from a UK friend Dave Bulmer for this acapella rendition of Super Mario Land WITH LYRICS!

brentalfloss @ Nintendo Direct

Posted on 9/21
The lyrical maestro explores the Wii U!

brentalfloss - The BIOSHOCK Song

Posted on 8/16 | Show: with Lyrics
Welcome to Rapture, the best little town at the bottom of the deep blue sea...

brentalfloss - Little Nemo: The Dream Master WITH LYRICS

Posted on 7/12 | Show: with Lyrics
Floss goes gospel for this whimsical tune. Complete with animal soul stealing!

"Corey" brentalfloss Cover by Jerry Skids

Posted on 7/4
Imagine if the lead singer of "Me First & The Gimme Gimmes" covered the "Corey" song from SGC 2009...

"Lyrics 101 with brentalfloss" part 4

Posted on 6/29
The fourth installment of Floss' series on the basics of writing lyrics.

Newsroom "Blown Blown" - Table Read

Posted on 6/28
A behind-the-scenes look at the first read-thru of the script for the Newsroom episode "Blown Blown."

You can download & buy my new CD RIGHT NOW!

Posted on 6/12
The album you've been waiting for is now available in digital format!

"Still Alive" Mad-Lib

Posted on 5/30
Super-fun Mad-lib using Portal's "Still Alive" from my recent Austin concert.

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