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9/10/12 5:56pm

I seriously don't understand what I did that was so terrible when I made my comment on a certain video, but I got attacked by SEVERAL people. I just pointed out my complaints which to me was what I thought a comment section was for. For debating/complimenting/complaining about the topic at hand....Instead I got attacked...a lot....why?

6/18/12 8:40pm

No one liked my review T_T

6/15/12 3:10pm
Broseidon posted a new blog article
Broseidon's Lollipop Chainsaw review!

Broseidon's Lollipop Chainsaw review!

Lollipops, cheerleaders, and chainsaws OH MY!
5/28/12 2:58pm

Finally able to go on this site with out lag! I can't wait to make videos and stuff!