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The Simpsons went mining for a couch gag last night

Posted on 4/7
On last night's episode, one of the longest running shows got to crafting and paid homage to Mojang's super popular game.

Did You Know Gaming - The SNES's Special FX Chips

Posted on 4/4
Some of the best SNES games would have never happened if game developers didn't have things like the Super FX Chip or the Cx4. Find out just what made these little guys deliver big power.

Do You Want To Kill The Batman?

Posted on 4/4
Harley Quinn must have seen Frozen, because she, or at least YouTuber SydneyAmber, has put her own malevolent spin on "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?"

Why is Ryu fighting Jesse Pinkman?

Posted on 4/3
Because why not? Jesse would have probably been received better than Decapre if he really was in the next version of Street Fighter 4.

Now this is how you make an indie game!

Posted on 3/28
Ashley Burch knows exactly what to do, and all other indie game makers should just quit now. Ash has won indie games!

Titanfall Gameday Recap

Posted on 3/23 | Show: Random Awesomeness
Watch the recap of Bryan's community gameday with you, the g1s!

What if the Legend of Zelda had cops?

Posted on 3/13
Things would go a little differently in Hyrule if the man was trying to hold everyone down.

What if Dark Souls II was an 80s cartoon?

Posted on 2/28
It would probably get screwed up by TV executives and end up looking something like this.

NateWantsToBattle to win Zelda's heart by The Dawn of the Third Day

Posted on 2/27
YouTube musician NateWantsToBattle has written a beautiful ballad about that Nintendo princess we've all chased after and saved so many times.

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