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caboose_-1's Wall

4/21/14 3:53pm

I have to disagree with your bio there and say that Super Nintendo was the best console, not N64. But that's just me.

3/29/14 11:37pm

So I tried playing through Bionic Commando Rearmed. Got about halfway through the game until I uninstalled it. The game is riddled with terrible design that punishes exploring, punishes dying, and forces the player into situations where they HAVE to be hit. This is all to say nothing about the "commando" who can't swim, climb over a ledge that is even foot off the ground, or cross a gap just as big. The only good thing was the soundtrack and it's the ONLY game I have had to uninstall out of sheer frustration.

3/29/14 12:08am
CraigheadPro wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

Is your name from Red Vs Blue?

2/23/14 8:40pm
The Sad State of YouTube Gaming

The Sad State of YouTube Gaming

How fans are literally driving YouTube gamers insane.
1/25/14 10:58pm
NormalBoots Returns!

NormalBoots Returns!

NormalBoots is back with some VERY familiar faces...
1/12/14 3:03pm
Gamers Help Raise $1 Million For Cancer Prevention

Gamers Help Raise $1 Million For Cancer Prevention

Proving that video games are benefical to society!
11/11/13 2:20pm
cadebengert wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

I would love to make it out to SGC, its just the cost of flying down to Texus from Canada, plus hotel and stuff. As a student, money is a little tight for me. Maybe I will make it down next time.

10/13/13 11:10am
Wii U Sales Jump 685% In The UK Thanks To Zelda

Wii U Sales Jump 685% In The UK Thanks To Zelda

Who knew that Wind Waker HD was that popular?
10/8/13 5:19pm
SuperSmashDan wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

Eeee I found you! I think? It's your British friend from SGC :)

9/19/13 12:29pm
Former president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, passes away

Former president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, passes away

The man who transitioned Nintendo to the giant it is today, has passed away.
1/1/13 11:06am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

Thank you my blue friend!

12/20/12 3:29am
-Mazer wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

$#@ work computer won't let me post where I want so I will post it here: Aw dude, totally sorry. I wish I saw this when it was first posted, but I am seeing it now and you totally have my condolences. D:

12/3/12 9:09pm

Although I doubt anyone is going to read this, I'll post it anyway. I really haven't been on the past week or so because my grandmother lost her fight with lung cancer last week. She will be missed. :(

11/28/12 11:17pm

For some reason I have Balrog's theme from Street Fighter 4 stuck in my head. I'm not complaing though, I love that song.

10/29/12 6:04pm

Been reading up on some creepypastas since I don't find horror movies to be scary enough. Now I'm pumped full of nightmare fuel. FFUUUUUU... -_-

10/26/12 4:28pm
LousyTactician wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

Why have I not subscribed to you yet!? I'm going to change that right now!

10/19/12 11:08am
Gaijin Goombah wrote on caboose_-1's profile.

Thanks Caboose! ^_^

10/12/12 6:51pm

By the way, Jared just released his first ProReview since being on his own. Check it out already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--8AMACnG18&feature=g-all-u

8/27/12 4:51pm

Hey guys, my buddy AsaiNeroTran is going to be putting together a video about the next SGC to filmed during the con. But before he can do that he needs some help getting everything together. Check out his post if you're interested: http://www.screwattack.com/news/sgc-short-film-shout-out

8/25/12 2:05pm
How We Can Help Make SGC Even Better

How We Can Help Make SGC Even Better

Just because the Kickstarter is over doesn't mean we're done supporting SGC.

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