Cam the TriforceBoy

Posted on 10/2/13 7:01pm Oh Arceus, this is actually pretty difficult to watch without cringing... (By the way, mild Pokemon Origins spoilers)

Posted on 6/17/13 7:09pm

From playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, I have disscovered that you can buy fortune cookies in the game and get fortunes that you cash in for special Nintendo items. The fortune that got me an Arwing was "Your friends need you. They always need you. They will never stop." I laughed...a lot.

Posted on 6/13/13 10:55am

Everyone's talking about the battle between XBox One and PS4 and I'm just sitting here fangasming over Mega Man in Super Smash Bros., the Pokemon X/Y news and the fact that Kingdom Hearts III is finally getting made.

Posted on 6/3/13 11:25pm

I'm kind of surprised how much fun Lego City Undercover is. There just a certain joy to be found verturing around this city of plastic bricks and occasionally stumbling across a nice little reward, I suppose. :)

Posted on 4/28/13 12:28pm ...Ladies and gentlemen: Smash Bros. AI at its finest...

Posted on 4/18/13 7:57am

I have quickly noticed a problem with Injustice: the music leaves a lot to be desired. So I am instead making a playlist of music related to DC properties that would be fitting for a fighting game. I already have an instrumental version of the Teen Titans theme, the theme to The Flash TV series, Superman Meets Metal by Erock and the main title theme of Batman Mask of the Phantasm. Anyone have suggestions for what else I could use?

Posted on 3/27/13 11:53am

I'm so excited for DuckTales Remastered that I jumped on Amazon and ordered volumes 1-3 of the DuckTales DVDs. Seeing the trailer just made me want to watch that cartoon again; so many memories. :D

Posted on 2/28/13 7:49pm

Only thing going through my head while playing the Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate demo: "Why can't I break the damn lanterns and torches?! >_< "

Posted on 2/21/13 5:43pm

In regards to Sony's presentation yesterday, here's how they could get me to buy a PS4: ...One can only dream. ;_;

Posted on 2/12/13 1:26pm

That awkward moment when you realize that "Rockin' K.K." from the Animal Crossing series sounds like the Hippie Battle theme from the Mother games and that sounds like Johnny B. Goode...

Posted on 2/10/13 12:13pm

What is it with publsihers sending their light-hearted, cartoony games out to die lately? First we get Sly Cooper 4 this month with basically no advertising and around the same time as Dead Space 3 and now Rayman Legends has been delayed to September, the month GTA5 releases. It's a little discouraging to see publishers treating these colorful games like this...

Posted on 2/8/13 3:27pm

Cam the TriforceBoy's appallingly late g1 Secret Santa unboxing

This should have been uploaded WAY sooner. I suck. (Also, my cat is an interrupting jerk.)

Posted on 2/5/13 9:53pm

Playing Fire Emblem Awakening made me it me, or did Nintendo/Intelligent Systems make shipping a gameplay mechanic?

Posted on 11/28/12 2:12pm

Me earlier today: I haven't been on the PlayStation Store in a while. I think I'll load it up and see what's new. *loads PS Store*...Oooooooh noooooo. That's... Nooooo...

Posted on 11/15/12 6:27pm

College really doesn't want me doing anything else. And of course I have a decent amount of ideas for blogs (including my top 10 movie and tv show guilty pleasures which I was forced to shelve a while back, a Wreck-It Ralph review/impressions blog, a blog discussing video game soundtracks, and I might do a video game review some day in the style of JonTron or ProJared).

Posted on 9/20/12 8:25pm

Haven't played Double Dragon Neon yet but I definitely know one thing about it for sure: the soundtrack kicks all kinds of ass.

Posted on 9/20/12 5:49pm

Played Slender and got five pages out of eight. Walking along, the game turned me around automatically out of nowhere, making me look at the Slenderman and lose. Jared was right: the Slenderman is a dirty cheater. It's no wonder nobody wants anything to do with him. >_>

Posted on 8/25/12 7:37pm

I wish college wasn't being so brutal right now so I could work on some blogs... (Oh, and congrats to all of ScrewAttack for succeeding in the SGC Kickstarter. I really hope I'll be able to attend SGC 2013.)

Posted on 8/13/12 8:39pm

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate were delayed to 2013...profound sadness.

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