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1/2/14 9:14pm

I almost forgot. Today marks the anniversary of when I became a g1. Two years now.

10/7/13 10:41pm

oh hai guise. how r u?

8/19/13 1:10am

So how much you wanna bet that everyone who catches a Pancham in Pokemon X/Y is gonna nickname it "Kung-Fu Panda"?

8/12/13 5:11pm

So there's this webcomic called Tails gets Trolled.... It's kinda funny.

8/7/13 12:39am

Before you ask, yes. I will be writing a Pikmin 3 review. Eventually.

8/4/13 6:03pm

Yeah, so, Pikmin 3 is, like, the best thing ever.

7/30/13 7:15pm

Wait. So you're telling me that I get to play Pikmin 3 and watch a new episode of Breaing Bad all in the same week? I don't think my heart can handle that much awesomeness.

7/29/13 2:08am


7/23/13 8:16pm

Bleed is a neat game. The controls are kinda wonky, but you'll get used to it. I reccommend it.

7/21/13 12:19am


6/8/13 11:20pm

I feel.... sad.

6/1/13 12:47am
10 things to do while waiting for Pikmin 3

10 things to do while waiting for Pikmin 3

We're a long way from August...
5/4/13 8:19pm
CB's "Ask Me Anything" Blog: THE SQUEAKQUEL

CB's "Ask Me Anything" Blog: THE SQUEAKQUEL

Hold on to your butts, cause its the world's second ever SQUEAKQUEL!
5/4/13 7:09pm

BIT.TRIP Runner 2 is fun.

4/17/13 10:50pm

It's nice to see Pikmin 3 get a release date. Too bad the same can't be said for Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.

4/2/13 8:51pm

C'mon guys. I need more questions to work with! Ask as many as you want!

3/31/13 4:54pm

I think I'll do another Ask Me Anything blog. If anyone can help spread the word so I might have more material to work with, that would be much appreciated. Oh yeah, and ask a question or two yourself!

3/24/13 11:14pm
CB's "Ask Me Anything" Blog

CB's "Ask Me Anything" Blog

Now 100% non-plagiarized!
3/17/13 1:09pm

I'm "adopting" Alpha Unit's "Ask Me Anything" idea. So yeah...... ASK ME ANYTHING! I'll make a blog when I think I have enough content. Ask as many questions as you'd like. PROTIP: Post your questions as a message on my wall or in a PM. Comments don't work too well.


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