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Hey I'm Craig. I founded this wonderful website.

g1 of the Year 2011 Creator of g1 Spotlight, Literary Luminary, Titanium Man of Flash Gaming, Cartoon Collab (name pending), and a new g1 run WTF Is That? Writer of awesome Top 10s, Reviews, and Video Game Poetry

I'm a tall 23 year old ginger manvillian. Wanna know more about my gaming? Just PM me. I make movies on the side and have some sprite know-how. I'm also really fucking weird. But that's cool or whatever

Whats up I'm a g1(4 life) that loves me some good ol video games past or new. I'm a big enthusiast of video game related music and struggling to make my own to be enjoyed one day, farewell *flies away*

Hey-o! Your Friendly Neighborhood Quarter Guy here! I'm a gamer, video maker, and proud g1! My style covers many eras, many genres, and many styles. I'm like a gaming everyman.

I'm the dude who does Epic Game Music! “This guy can really shred. Love to hear his adaptations of video game tunes.” -Stuttering Craig (Owner/Founder of "That was EPIC!! Loved it! Awesome!!!!!" -...

Currently Playing: Mario Tennis Open, Ninja Gaiden 3, Kid Icarus, and SSX.

I'm a guy.

Hey, I'm Dr Cool Guy (or just Doc). I'm working on a hopefully long-lasting series called Pokemon Talk with my trusty partner Thunderplant (and in the future, maybe more g1s). Other than that, I am a huge Mega Man...

Greetings fellow Screwattack members! Cupz here looking to enjoy some random user content/media, although I'm not into video games as I once was I just feel that I am no longer the targeted audience I am always up for a...

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