NemesisTrestkon wrote on Chaos15's profile.
Posted on 10/28/14 3:54pm

Hello Chaos!!!!!

Posted on 9/12/14 3:13pm

WADUP GUYS! Haven't been on for a long time. ^^;

Posted on 4/8/14 6:47pm

Got the idea for the next comic. Now I just need to draw it. Man why am I so inactive on this site?

Posted on 3/3/14 9:37pm

Have an idea for the next comic. Now to actually work on it.

Posted on 2/5/14 6:20pm

I come back ofter months of hiatus. Somehow expected a little more attention XD

Chaos15 posted a new blog article
Posted on 2/3/14 1:19pm

My Little ScrewAttack #23

What's this? An update? A new comic? THAT'S RIGHT! My Little ScrewAttack is back and hopefully it will stay this time! Anyways enjoy.

Posted on 12/17/13 10:41am


Posted on 10/10/13 4:57pm

Wow I haven't been active in a long time. ANyways HAPPY FIM 3 years Anniversary!

Posted on 8/25/13 11:35am
Posted on 8/14/13 1:10am

Still inactive. Seriously I haven't been on the site for moths. I haven't even reply some of the comments in the SGC Promise! Well that's mostly because for the last months I it keeps giving me an error message everytime I try..... any one has any idea what the hell that's all about?

Posted on 7/16/13 9:20pm

SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE FOR SO LONG! The SGC Promise took almost all of my motivation. I'll make up for my absence somehow! T_T

LousyTactician wrote on Chaos15's profile.
Posted on 6/28/13 12:27pm

You wouldn't happen to be taking commisions would you?

Chaos15 posted a new blog article
Posted on 5/30/13 12:30pm

SGC Pony Promise!

As promise 111 g1 Ponies! *WARNING: Side effects of becoming a pony includes loss of opposable thumbs and a higher risk of having mental breakdowns. Please consult your local physical god princess for more information.*

NemesisTrestkon wrote on Chaos15's profile.
Posted on 5/30/13 12:24pm

Umm.....what happened to your recent blog? For some reason it just vanished. :/

Posted on 5/28/13 4:47pm

Seriously I'm trying to post it!

Posted on 5/28/13 12:48am

expect the ponies on tuesday. Staw away from my DeviantART to not get spoil. I'm using stash to hold the images but I'm not sure what would happen to the blog if I move them from there. ANy one has any ideas?

Posted on 5/26/13 4:12pm

OK! All the sets are done, all I missing is making the blog. Remember guys only 111 G1 were accepted and I got way more requests than that.

Posted on 5/21/13 1:32am

All right as you all know I'm done with the SGC Ponies. All I'm missing is to put them in sets. I'll try to have them ready this week but Sibsy's birthday (one of the story board artist for MLP) is on 3 days and I really want to draw something for her.

Posted on 5/19/13 2:16pm


Posted on 5/17/13 3:44pm


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