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Chikumo's Wall

3/18/14 1:42am
Shiznita wrote on Chikumo's profile.


9/8/12 10:06pm
Yet-Another Productions wrote on Chikumo's profile.

What`s your thoughts on this http://goo.gl/cCtEx

9/4/12 2:09pm
Goomba Xx wrote on Chikumo's profile.

Thank you for the sub Chikumo! :P

7/26/12 9:25am
KazeMisu wrote on Chikumo's profile.

Bara 6 timmar tills Screwin' Around börjar! Ska du titta?

6/12/12 5:42pm

Hmm, my feed isn't working at all right now, anyone else having this problem?

6/1/12 8:00pm

I've made some serious research concerning the upcoming Deathbattle, read it here (http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16934&p=352550#p352550) and even if they're not subbed to me, I wish Ben and Chad would somehow get a look at it.

5/26/12 10:26pm

Sub saturday huh? I'd like to list a bunch of people, but they're more forum dwellers. So I'll just say, Go there and check out the g1 After Dark people. But if you haven't already, you should subscribe to Mcgunn, he's the guy leading the production of the SA game that has been front paged a few times now.

5/24/12 5:18am

Alright my new wallpaper is up~ what do you guys think?

5/23/12 4:44pm
Mr. Kane wrote on Chikumo's profile.

Yo, tjena!

5/22/12 3:05pm
firehazard51 wrote on Chikumo's profile.

Stalkers.....they just happen.

5/22/12 2:17pm

I have a subscriber? How did this happen?