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      Just some fanart

      4 years ago

      Hey G1's today I wanted to show you some images I've been worlking on, I started this on 2010 but then stop doing them for whatever reasons

      But now I'm motivated to start again and I'm willing to take suggestions on who I should do next, I'm already working on my next one and I'll try to post a bit of the process as well

      Samus Aran

      This one is one of my first ones, and at the time I was trying to finish the original NES Metroid


      Chun-Li ready to kick some ass


      Vegeta, I had to sneak 1 anime drawing here


      And last but not least Megaman fighting for life against the original robot masters

      Well hope you like em and tell me who I should do next in the comments

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    I was born in '88 so I still managed to have an NES in my childhood... It was the Family console and everybody would fight for turns (but don't imagine brothers or cousins)

    My dad, uncles and grandpa would take turns to beat gyruss and ninja gaiden... while my mom would never let anyone touch her Mario 3 cartridge, and my grandma would just play Tetris all day long and she's the one who taught me the 99 lives trick on Super Mario

    So it stands to reason I've been a gamer all my life

    BTW I'm from Mexico and I love it

    I also love Star Wars (old school) I'm mildly talented at drawing and I'm currently working in video post-production

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