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Clip of the Week's Subscribers

  • joeshadowman

    When I know you'll know.
  • tonsOFfun

    How's it going ScrewAttack crew and G1s. My name is G1 tonsOFfun (Jason Tongate). I've been a gamer since i could remember i pretty much grew up in arcades as a kid. My grandparents owned one, and i also had three not...
  • CI254

    Wii U, PS3, PC, 3DS, NES, SNES with a retired 360 and Wii A g1 hopeful to make a name for myself if even to only five others. Got a Twitch channel which is temporarily on hold. Feel free to add me on PSN or Steam!
  • Simply_Proto

    Okay I don't know about something awesome but here goes... I live in Wales which is part of the UK. I work currently for a game store (take a wild guess which one.=p) I like anime, music, films the usual stuff.=p I own...
  • NightZerker

    Hey i'm Kevin aka NightZerker,I was born on Spetember 4th 1989 and i come from a small town called Lemoyne I've been gaming for a logn time now and will probably stop when i die.
  • wolfjak

    It really has been a while since I updated this. Let me start by saying Hey! I'm a Tampa based teenager who is working on getting back into gaming as of late, since high school pretty much butchered my free time, well...

    Name Travis Deubler been fans of games since the NES days but love all system not just one...Im also a uge movie fan curently own own over 1500 hundred and counting.When it comes to sports the only ones i like our...
  • Soulefoin

    Follow along the adventures of Jacob and Dave as they take on the gaming world has to offer! New videos Monday, Wednesday and Friday!
  • Shiro_Shishi

    I'm an anime viewer, video gamer, internet surfer, pokemaniac, and fighting game enthusiast!
  • KingSigy

    Welcome to a blog of infinite wisdom and magical fun...Just kidding. I'm a gamer with a huge taste for adventure. If you'd heard of a genre of gaming, chances are I've played it. Nothing is foreign to me. Some of my...
  • Nemesis67

    Just your everyday Gamer, Name is Brian, I found out about Screwattack i believe when Destin first joined the crew (damn I miss that guy) I'm a huge gamer, usually always bought the big named games if it was something I...