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Posted on 1/8/16 6:36am

Super Mario Bros. Z Episode 1

The first episode of Mark Haynes' Super Mario Bros Z reboot is finally here.

Posted on 9/4/15 2:17pm

Super Mario Bros Z is finally returning!

After years of cancellation, it's finally returning.

Posted on 6/16/15 10:22pm

Metroid Prime: Federation Force confirmed to be a spinoff and building up for something big

So stop down voting and hating on this game and there's also going to be a big buildup in the future.

Posted on 1/15/14 10:07pm

[Rumor] Is there a Nintendo Press Event at the end of January?

Nintendo might hold an event on late January, according to Mutant Mudds creator.

Posted on 10/21/13 10:10am

Nintendo decides to end the production of the Wii

After 7 years, the Wii is now in retirement.

Posted on 10/7/13 8:00pm

Super Mario Bros. Z may be getting re-mastered

Mark Haynes decides to work series once again, or maybe in reboot form.

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Posted on 8/8/13 8:10am

Watch as the Winged Pikmin dives into the water

Nintendo of Canada shows off their creation to the Ottawa Flugtag contest and watch it dive hard.

Posted on 4/23/13 6:00pm
Posted on 3/28/13 1:00pm

Poker Night at the Inventory 2 cast has been leaked

It is going to be quite the card party.

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Posted on 3/6/13 8:35pm

Mewtwo returns in the upcoming Pokemon film: Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening

It would seem that Mewtwo and Genesect are having their own Death Battle.

Posted on 3/5/13 7:05pm

Crysis 3 was almost about to release on the Wii U

Crytek finished the Wii U port and was ready to release it, until a certain company decided not to.

Posted on 2/21/13 5:00pm

Destiny may also be heading to Wii U, PC, PS4, Xbox 720, and PS Vita

The coding source from the pre-order page reveal more versions are on the way.

Posted on 2/8/13 3:02pm

A new Mario Kart arcade game is being developed

The Mario Kart arcade cabinet is back.

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Posted on 2/5/13 12:32pm

The Angry Video Game Nerd & Nostalgia Critic makes a cameo in an anime.

How convenient that Japan just saw their shows.

Posted on 1/18/13 4:47pm

Nintendo is improving the Wii U's slow Operating System

If you hate the slow loading on the Wii U, then this is good news for you.

Posted on 1/14/13 6:30pm

The first issue of Nintendo Force is out now!

You can buy it now physically or digitally.

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Posted on 1/14/13 6:02pm
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Posted on 12/28/12 7:10pm

We've started the list, check your PM!

Posted on 12/20/12 10:01am

About 7,000 Wii U consoles have been stolen in a warehouse heist

Thieves stole every Wii U consoles in one night.

Posted on 12/18/12 5:27pm
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