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SGC 2014 is Complete!

Posted 13 weeks ago on 7/18
A record number of attendees came to our bigget party ever and now that I've had a few hours to rest up, I thought I'd write up some post-SGC thoughts.

ScrewAttack's E3 2014 Live Stream Schedule

Posted 19 weeks ago on 6/8
The biggest week in the video game industry is upon us and we're DOING IT LIVE. Here's the full rundown of our streams during E3 week.

SGC 2014 welcomes Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune as Guest of Honor!

Posted 19 weeks ago on 6/3
We couldn't be more thrilled to announce SGC 2014's Guest of Honor, the co-creator of Mega Man and video game icon Mr. Keiji Inafune! Mr. Inafune will be holding an intimate Q/A session, talking about his past, present and future career and signing autographs for 500 lucky fans!

The long lost Craig SlamBall photos

Posted 23 weeks ago on 5/11
While doing some Spring cleaning I found some photos of my old SlamBall days. It had been literally years since I've seen these and figured you may be interested in checking them out. I also found our practice schedule and a print out of an old diary I did for the SlamBall fansite back in the day - a full three years before ScrewAttack launched.

Special "Mini-Marathon" Edition of Screwin' Around in honor of JewWario airing this Friday starting at Noon CST

Posted 37 weeks ago on 1/30
In honor of our lost colleague, we'd like to do what we can to raise awareness of an issue that's been long ignored by the gaming community.

Love SideScrollers? Tell us your favorite SideScrollers moments!

Posted 43 weeks ago on 12/17
With SideScrollers going on a little break, we wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us your favorite segments and memories of the past 8 years and possibly be in an episode!

See your favorite Nintendo characters as traditional Japanese prints

Posted 44 weeks ago on 12/13
The amazingly talented artists over at Ukiyo-e Heroes have put a sping on Mario and the gang like we've never seen before.

[PSA] Bottoms Up Cup Postponed Friday

Posted 45 weeks ago on 12/5
The sub freezing temperatures combined with the "100% chance" of precipitation and alcohol doesn't add up to a good situation.

SURPRISE! AVGN Adventures comes to Steam 3 days early!

Posted 1 year ago on 9/20
Earlier tonight I took to twitter and broke the news: AVGN Adventures hits Steam Friday!

This is the coolest thing that's ever been sent to the ScrewAttack HQ

Posted 1 year ago on 8/8
Yes, that's a gold cartridge of the original DuckTales for the NES... and it works!