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4/8/14 5:58pm
Craig posted a new video

"Smash Bros Direct Live" Reaction

We watched the Nintendo Direct on Super Smash Bros and have lots to talk about!
3/28/14 5:59pm
Craig posted a new video

ScrewAttack Network/Fullscreen Q&A Session

We're live answering any and all questions about our new relationship with Fullscreen and the ScrewAttack Network. Ask your question via twitter using #AskScrewAttack
3/10/14 7:31am
Sovereign_of_3nix wrote on Craig's profile.

Hey Craig, I am just getting into fanfiction writing and I would like to post my first story on my page. However i'm not too sure on how i can do that or if i even can at all. I can say that i can trust in the G1 community to give me gr8 feedback. I don't mind flamers at all i find some funny and others go completely over my shoulders. But be blunt yet truthful. i do this as a hobby but no support can cause authors to lose inspiration...at least that what i see from authors of stories that are discontinued. Well thanks for listening.

3/6/14 12:28pm
Catastrophe wrote on Craig's profile.

Hey Craig, check out www.alegendreborn.com, GOTY contender right there.

2/28/14 10:50pm
Craig posted a new video

Rocket Death Lions vs LazerWolvez - Bottoms Up Cup

One of the most important Bottoms Up Cup matches yet. Can LazerWolvez wrap up the championship or with RDL stave off the competition??
2/26/14 2:26am
Jawbreaker Alumni wrote on Craig's profile.

If it's possible, could you guys either let me edit my blog again so I can get a different thumbnail for my Paper Mario blog, or can someone at the HQ find another picture, don't want to get anyone in trouble.

2/22/14 10:59pm
Craig posted a new video

Hey ScrewAttack Community! Here's What's Up Next Week!

Next week (February 22nd through 28th) is going to be a little different for us. Don't freak out, it'll all return to normal soon. We'll still be delivering Hard News as well as Screwin' Around AND Out of the Box. Regularly scheduled programming returns Friday, February 28th!
1/31/14 11:13am
Craig posted a new video

Special Edition of Screwin' Around benefiting ADAA.org

In an attempt to raise awareness of depression in the gaming community we're honoring our fallen colleague with a six hour mini-marathon with the proceeds benefitting the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
1/29/14 5:00pm
Craig posted a new video

ScrewAttack's 8th Birthday 36 Hour Marathon Stream starts WEDNESDAY at Noon CST!

We'll be live for 36 hours and YOU get to determine what we do!
1/28/14 12:04pm
Craig posted a new blog article
Special "Mini-Marathon" Edition of Screwin' Around in honor of JewWario airing this Friday starting at Noon CST

Special "Mini-Marathon" Edition of Screwin' Around in honor of JewWario airing this Friday starting at Noon CST

In honor of our lost colleague, we'd like to do what we can to raise awareness of an issue that's been long ignored by the gaming community.
1/27/14 1:02pm
Craig posted a new video

Justin Carmical 1971 - 2014

If you or someone you know is depressed and is having thoughts of injury or suicide please know that you're not alone and that It's ok to talk to your friends, family or any of the many resources available like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (https://www.afsp.org/) or the Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (save.org).
1/17/14 7:07pm
Craig posted a new video

APEX 2014 Live on ScrewAttack!

Watch the worlds largest Smash Bros tournament right here! NOICE! Yes, every single person playing is better than you. Don't feel bad.
1/17/14 3:12am
DXKramer wrote on Craig's profile.

Happy Huevos Day, Craig. :)

1/16/14 12:43pm

Gotta be honest, very excited to have SGC back this summer.

1/16/14 12:25am
Craig posted a new video

17 Reasons We LOVE the X-Men Arcade Game

We list off some of the best things about the X-Men arcade game you may not have thought you loved about it.
1/11/14 2:44pm
AshleyKit wrote on Craig's profile.

Superman VS Goku DEATHBATTLE thumbnail was shown durring the popular FLorida TV show The List, durring the "hot on the web" section. Congrats on the free advertising!

1/10/14 11:53pm
Craig posted a new video

Is this a new Wii U Star Fox game or an elaborate joke?

Supposedly secretly filmed on a mobile phone, if it is, it's being developed by Platinum Games. If not, it's more false hope. The subtitle is "Eladard" which a planet that was supposed to appear in the unreleased Star Fox 2.
1/10/14 3:45pm
Craig posted a new video

Screwin' Around with Crappy Game Boy Games

Today Craig and the crew bust out some of the worst handheld games produced for one of the most popular handheld ever made.
12/24/13 11:58am
TheCrazyEven wrote on Craig's profile.

Hey, Craig. I'm new to ScrewAttack, but what else is new (Tee-hee). Anyway, have a happy holidays and, stuff. I don't know what else to write, uhh....... the name of the site is a Metroid reference, nice.


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