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9/2/14 4:09pm
The Guardian wrote on Craig's profile.

After you guys got all that good Fullscreen money, there was a lot of talk about how much more you'd be able to do. I know you guys already moved to a new HQ (3 in 4 years? Movin' on up!) and there was talk of a site redesign. Is that still in the discussion for the near future?

8/20/14 10:16pm
Craig posted a new video

Craig Accepts the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

Challenge Accepted. Craig challenges Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos, Geoff Keighley, Mega64 and Parker.
7/17/14 3:30pm
Craig posted a new video

Weird Al's #8Videos8Days continue with "Handy"

Weird Al shows off his skill set with a tool set in this parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy."
7/16/14 9:04am
Craig posted a new video

Weird Al tells all with bad grammar to STFU

As our lyrical hero continues to release a new song every day over the next few days, his latest has a subtle message for all internet grammar hipsters.
7/11/14 1:35am
Craig posted a new video

SGC 2014 Main Stage Live Stream

We're live from SGC 2014. Tune in and catch the fun and craziness from the main stage. Use #SGC2014 to communicate with other g1s!
6/22/14 10:41am
Craig posted a new video


The sinners of MEGA64 have challenged ScrewAttack to a video game competition to the death at SGC 2014. It will be a battle of good versus evil.
6/8/14 1:59am
Luigius wrote on Craig's profile.

Hey Craig, I just saw the best mk kombatants vid and I was grateful for the glimpse into the arcade world of the 90s that I only knew too briefly. So thanks for that. Also I was wondering if there was a way to change the settings on this site so that classic comments are default and fb must be clicked. Thanks man.

6/7/14 11:26pm
Craig posted a new blog article
ScrewAttack's E3 2014 Live Stream Schedule

ScrewAttack's E3 2014 Live Stream Schedule

The biggest week in the video game industry is upon us and we're DOING IT LIVE. Here's the full rundown of our streams during E3 week.
6/5/14 3:17pm
Craig posted a new video

MEGA64 promises to destroy everyone at SGC 2014

Our old rivals are back and they're up for another challenge at SGC 2014. ButtAttack officially accepts! We'll be announcing our games right after E3.
6/3/14 9:28pm
Craig posted a new blog article
SGC 2014 welcomes Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune as Guest of Honor!

SGC 2014 welcomes Mega Man co-designer Keiji Inafune as Guest of Honor!

We couldn't be more thrilled to announce SGC 2014's Guest of Honor, the co-creator of Mega Man and video game icon Mr. Keiji Inafune! Mr. Inafune will be holding an intimate Q/A session, talking about his past, present and future career and signing autographs for 500 lucky fans!
6/2/14 4:13pm
Craig posted a new video

Mortal Kombat X: What we THINK we know

After watching the trailer for Mortal Kombat X a million times, we think we've picked up on a few things to expect from the latest MK.
6/2/14 9:04am
Craig posted a new video

Mortal Kombat X's trailer is officially here

The new MK is officially announced - what do you think of it?
5/25/14 11:51am
Craig posted a new video

ScrewAttack Network Brand Intro now available for download!

Ever wanted to show your ScrewAttack pride in the videos you make? We've created a new intro that everyone can use on their videos and it fits with YouTube's new "branding intro" feature!
5/18/14 11:01pm
Craig posted a new video

Use Ad Block? Michael Pachter thinks you're a scumbag

... and if you had the same mindset of the person who asked the question, we'd tend to agree with him.
5/16/14 11:16am
Master Chief Snake wrote on Craig's profile.

Unfortunately. I'm not happy at all due to SEGA banned me in their forum. Also ATLUS banned me in their forums and their Facebook page. As now I'm boycotting ATLUS and SEGA unless we need to negotiation. If not, I will kill Stephen Harper and massacre Machinima.com on 2016. I have not much time left.

5/10/14 11:52pm
Craig posted a new blog article
The long lost Craig SlamBall photos

The long lost Craig SlamBall photos

While doing some Spring cleaning I found some photos of my old SlamBall days. It had been literally years since I've seen these and figured you may be interested in checking them out. I also found our practice schedule and a print out of an old diary I did for the SlamBall fansite back in the day - a full three years before ScrewAttack launched.
5/8/14 3:20pm
Doctard wrote on Craig's profile.

hey craig how come you guys don't have the marathons archived anymore ? Even on youtube the 8yr one is mostly private.

5/5/14 10:13pm
GuerreroUMS wrote on Craig's profile.

Oh no, Shaq Fu actually got succesfully crowdfunded. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/shaq-fu-a-legend-reborn

4/24/14 10:47pm
Craig posted a new video

Bottoms Up Cup Regular Season FINALE: FRIDAY 10pm CST

Can Slothcano beat the hell out of LazerWolvez or will LazerWolvez destroy Slothcano's hopes of winning the Bottoms Up Cup?? Find out LIVE this Friday at 10:00pm Central time.