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Posted on 2/3/13 5:03pm

Top 5 Worst Games of TMoFG 3

As well as suggestions to make Season 4 the best yet!

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Posted on 1/31/13 5:01pm

Top 5 Games of TMoFG 3

With less than a week to go before the next season, take a look at the best flash games season 3 had to offer

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Posted on 1/29/13 10:30am

g1 TF2 Game Night 11/1/2013 : Aftershock's Rampage

How much death can Aftershock cause onto me while I lag the game out...

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Posted on 12/11/12 1:00pm

Planetside 2: How do you play?

I want to know Who and where the community plays this on-going war

Posted on 11/30/12 2:28pm

Got my new DDR dance pad (finally). What songs do you want to see me play? I'll make a nonstop course with the suggestions I make

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Posted on 11/27/12 12:17pm

Green Demon Challenge: Bob-omb Battlefield

This mushroom shall fall...

Posted on 11/24/12 5:55pm

On monday, I will attempt to upload last weeks g1 Gamenight. Wouldn't normally be doing this, but the file is 2 gig, but it's in descent quality so it will be worth it

Posted on 11/22/12 12:35pm

Just added a twitter go nuts

Posted on 11/17/12 1:15pm

Were you playing along in the TF2 g1 Gamenight? Well i've got an hour long video of when I was playing

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Posted on 11/12/12 3:42am

Green Demon Challenge: Bowser in the fire sea

This thing is fire resistant as well as relentless!

Posted on 11/11/12 10:37am

Anyone want a new Green Demon Challenge? 1-up > Bowser, so he can just wait in his own firey lair...

Posted on 11/1/12 1:20pm

Change of plan guys, no livestream since I can't figure out how to get the streaming software to work. Sorry

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Posted on 10/31/12 8:23am

Halloween Update: Videos inbound and livestream plans

Hey Linobro, remember when you suggested those games..?

Posted on 10/31/12 7:53am

Update video inbound. Hope your watching Linobro...

Posted on 10/26/12 1:00pm

When trying to find as many half-descent games i could buy for £10, i bought Burnout Revenge and Timesplitters 2 for the original Xbox...both of which are not backwards compatible...fuck you Microsoft

Posted on 10/20/12 4:09pm

WANTED: MPAD7 ON YOUTUBE...seriously, I can't watch it on Twitch's player since it's either 480p or Best and my connection can't handle it. As a result, I can't get an accurate space count (which is already inaccurate due to MP3's missing ending). REWARD: Be in a colab video in a game of your choice (PC Only, nothing high-end) To the first guy to post a link

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Posted on 10/14/12 4:05am

Mann vs Machine

Just to show that I am actually alive here

Posted on 9/25/12 1:35pm

Finally gotten around to updating LoL, man i;ve gotten rusty

Posted on 9/20/12 11:12am

After playing Jamestown, I now know what music to use in the trailer...and thats all i've got

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Posted on 9/16/12 12:26pm

SGC: You choose the 3 games I play next

You made your suggestions, but will YOUR games be chosen? Also yes, the thumbnail sucks...

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