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CronO_O's Subscribers

  • Bryan

    What's up everybody, welcome to ScrewAttack. I'm the Community and Promotions Manager here at SA and I do...stuff. Seriously, people ask what I do and the list is so long it's more than people thought it was going to be.
  • Drake McWhorter

    I am "Trailer" Drake "Iron Stomach" McWhorter, a connoisseur of The Internet. I'm not just a gamer, I am a geek in general. I love tabletop games, anime, comics, music, and history. Twitter - https://twitter.com/...
  • Mcgunn

    Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PortalOfAwesome ScrewAttack: The Game. Your Ideas. My blood sweat and tears: http://forums.screwattack.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16347 Also Check out The Portal of...
  • Baleoce

    I'm from Hereford in the UK. I have a huge love for video-game music and hope to one day be part of a touring orchestra that gets to play a lot of the game music repertoire. I'm a flautist by profession, and also a...
  • CraigGame

    British guy who happens to have the same name as the head of Screwattack Join me for Shmup Saturday, the day dedicated to destroying everything on screen, while showcasing some awesome mainstream and independent...
  • brucelee3000

    I am a screw attack addict since the first time I saw one of their videos, I am a sleep deprived college student and a gamer with the most random tastes in games. Right now I am really into playing LoL and trying to...

    Just like most people here, I am a wise gamer.
  • TheSwampfox64

    hi im Theswampfox64. im a new gen but old gen gamer. im young but i play alot of old gen games like punch out sonic mega man and my favorite star fox on the n64 and snes. I was raised at the beginning of the end of the...
  • Canadian Brony

    I do stuff sometimes.
  • Jackal08

    im a big RPG fan, SPORTS fan too.. yeah i like sports So What?... and big comic book fan.. marvel most of all... creator of the term NMD for all marvel related stuff...( needs more Deadpool)
  • LeoHightower

    Yo what's up, since you've stumbled onto my Channel/Page I should introduce myself. I'm Leo or Leon if you prefer which ever is fine! :) I enjoy drawing, but it's mainly for fun half the time. I enjoy Video Games,...
  • Im_the_Jackal

    new account mail got weird, same old Jackal coming back once and for all. whit the intention of actualy doing something.