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9/20/12 1:28am

Okay back in the screwattack site ever since I posted up that Gundam Guile Style.. Pretty random right? Well honestly what I usually do is make fighting game videos. So I have a bunch that should have been posted up so expect them soon. Later g1s!

7/13/12 10:03am

Well today's my B-Day, I'm just hoping that I don't end up during the night seeing a man name Jason Vorhees and looks at me to say happy birthday and the last thing I see is a machette slashing me.

7/5/12 1:24pm
CupOfYasakani posted a new video
6/28/12 11:21am
CupOfYasakani posted a new video

Breaking the 4th Wall

Screw me once, shame on you... screw me twice. S***s not gonna be nice.
5/31/12 9:24pm

Gonna start finishing Nightmare the rest of the week coming for Diablo III

5/29/12 8:57am

Is there such a thing called Summer Cleaning? If not, well... let me be the odd ball in starting that.

5/28/12 11:10am

I believe they're should be more public polls when the ScrewAttack staff head over to the Cons. It'll be really interesting to hit up polls like Death Battle in such!

5/28/12 11:05am

IT'S A GREAT DAY for FIGHTING...games.. New video by me coming.

5/27/12 12:54am

Well this week I'll be going back to Reach... It time to put back on the Mach 5 armor. #HaloReach

5/26/12 10:37am

Well time to head out. I'll start thinking of another video to do today.

5/25/12 11:27pm

Gonna check on the E3 date so I'm aware. I've been toooo occupied with alot of things in mind, in a good way. However I do plan to do some more blogging and video work. I plan to squeeze it. It's my life now along with other things and people.

5/25/12 10:12pm
CupOfYasakani posted a new video
5/25/12 10:50am

Played the Witcher 2,... NOT bad!~ Pretty enjoy playing as Gerif. Reminds me of.. Me when it comes to people that can't just leave me alone, you know the annoying ones.

5/25/12 7:04am
SunsetLaw wrote on CupOfYasakani's profile.

Thank you for subscribing :)

5/24/12 3:53pm
CupOfYasakani posted a new video

Steam Thursdays: Poker Night @ The Inventory

Poker games will never be the same...
5/24/12 3:36pm
CupOfYasakani posted a new show
Steam Thursdays

Steam Thursdays

Let's just Steam.. Thursdays
5/24/12 8:34am

Morning time for me, get a nice cup of coffee and have some stuff to post up for people soon.

5/23/12 2:26am
My time with future fighting game is.....

My time with future fighting game is.....

First capcom... NOW it's THIS GAME DEV!?!?

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