Posted on 12/2/13 9:37pm

Console Developers Are Asking the Wrong Question

When a console developer is about to release their next generation, they like to tell you how many of their current generation that they sold, but maybe that's not the right question to ask.

Posted on 3/26/13 9:06am

5 Reasons Why Emulators are Better Than Consoles

Consoles are great. Emulators are better.

Posted on 2/28/13 1:03pm

Does Video Games = Violence?

Can playing Violent Video Games really make you Violent?

Posted on 2/12/13 10:29am

How To Make a Digital Download Console

After having a discussion with HybridRain on his recent post about possibly re-selling your games on Steam, I decided to publicize my thoughts on a Digital Distribution Console.

Posted on 1/14/13 1:32pm

Sony's Anti-Used Game Technology Could Kill Them

After hearing about Sony's Anti Used Game technology on Hard News of January 3, 2013, I began looking in to who it hurts. And it mostly hurts Sony.

Posted on 12/18/12 4:48pm

My Concept Design for the Valve Steambox

Being inspired by Valve's new Big Picture Mode, I created a design concept as to what a Valve console would look like.

Posted on 12/7/12 10:58am

Steam has a Sale for it's new Big Picture Mode

In Celebration of their new Big Picture Mode, Steam has made a sale on all games that are Controller Friendly.

Posted on 11/19/12 10:33am

I Wish Wii R

The Wii U is out. And I have plenty to say about it.

Posted on 9/6/12 8:13am

5 Reasons Why The Playstation 2 is the Best Game Console Ever

With news that Gamestop will no longer sell the PS2, I talk about why it is the best video game console ever.

Posted on 8/25/12 2:06pm

5 Reasons Why Kirby and his Games are the Best Games Ever!

It doesn't matter if you play with Microsoft, Sony, Apple, or Nintendo. Kirby will always trump them all.

Posted on 8/2/12 2:13pm

5 Reasons Why The Game Boy Advance Was The Best Video Game System Ever

I take a look at Nintedo's Game Boy Advance and explain why it is the best video game system ever.

Posted on 6/28/12 9:28am

The Pyro .. is ... PSYCHOTIC!!!

I've met the Pyro. And the Pyro is insane.

Posted on 6/24/12 10:25am

How To Make a Long Time Franchise New Again

When a franchise goes on for a long time, sometimes it needs a way to be new again.

Posted on 6/12/12 12:43pm

Game Cases are getting cheaper. Video Games are not.

I just came home with Lollipop Chainsaw only to discover a travesty in its casing.

Posted on 6/10/12 1:02pm

Mega Man Sucks!

I fucking love Mega Man, so I'm going to roast the hell out of it like I was a drunk egotistical velociraptor

Posted on 6/7/12 6:15pm

Nintendo, E3, and the Wii U - There Is So Much FAIL!

Despite being a Nintendo Fan Boy since 1988, I felt that this year's E3 Presentation was very poor, and these are my reasons why.

Posted on 6/3/12 10:19am

Wii and Wii U - Where Are Wii Now?

With E3 2012 approaching and more information on the WiiU coming, let's look towards the past and towards the future.

Posted on 5/30/12 10:27am

The Scoring System is Broken

When games are reviewed, a score is placed on the game to associate it with how good it is. But is this scoring system broken?

Posted on 5/27/12 10:24am

The Decline of Capcom

A look at some of the dick moves that the once loved gaming company of Capcom has made in the last decade.

Posted on 5/27/12 9:06am

Are Surprises Exciting?

Is it better to know about something before or is it better to wait?

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