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DangerboyJon's Subscribers

  • They Call Me Th...

    Friend me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/theycallmethefizz Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FizzVsTheWorld Subscribe to me on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ItsTheFizz Check the Wishlist, Bro:...
  • Tom the Iron Man

    g1 of the Year 2012 I'm new wave but I'm old school, and my inner child is outward bound. ScrewAttack is the first site I visit in the morning and the last one I check at night. Follow me on Twitter @SgtHarvey...
  • Two-Bit Specialist

    Two-Bit Specialist (aka Aaron Romero) is a old school gamer and comic book fan, but his passion lies with Nintendo videogames. He'll forever be a fanboy in that regard.
  • ShadowOfTheServer

    According to YouTube user "deathmatch1959," I'm the asshole who gave Chad and Jared Teletubbies and Lethal Weapon. lol.
  • theentertainmentguy

    Whats up I'm a g1(4 life) that loves me some good ol video games past or new. I'm a big enthusiast of video game related music and struggling to make my own to be enjoyed one day, farewell *flies away*
  • blackmaniac

    I'm a german gamer and I'm awesome
  • ReturnofFable

    Born out of the fires of adversity, Fable is an alias for Josh Sanchez, a college Sophomore studying Journalism at the University of North Florida. Josh has been playing video games since his brothers made him play A...
  • missRPGenius

    Buttholes & Swapnote. For a terrible time, add me on 3DS: 2062-9781-6938 I make jewelry out of video games: Reset Buttons Twitter: @missRPGenius
  • InfamousLP

    - Give respect to get respect. - Behold the Mighty Phoenix!!!
  • LousyTactician

    Writer, college student, g1, SCA punching bag, D-rank strategist, Psych/English major, DEATH BATTLE researcher. I love top hats, Dafoe, media, and TV Tropes. I've beaten Contra and Super C without losing a life, yet...
  • boodude

    My name is Ryan. I'm really into music. Anything involving music, i enjoy pretty much. Skills on the subject are singing, playing guitar/trumpet/drums and even dancing. I am also a hardcore gamer and video game music,...
  • gggoogle

    Gamer, physicist, marshal artist. Do i need to say more.
  • AgentKane

    Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue.
  • Jack Archer

    I'm not really special, just a regular guy that enjoys retro games a little too much. I'm quite serious when it comes to gaming. Whenever I get hooked on one game I don't stop until I've finished it 100% and found every...
  • John Metalhead

    Games, Heavy Metal, Liquor, and TEA
  • Kainin

    Child of the 80's. Dreamer, schemer, and sometimes a believer of many varieties of games. Fierce love of RPG's and Adventure games, but also a Horror Survival fanatic. I have a song in my heart, and a Silver Baller in...
  • Cup_of_Grapes

    Yo Cup_of_Grapes here! Iove playing video games!
  • LeifyGreen

    I play video games, I write, I read. Such is life.
  • Branch

    Thanks to G1 Waspinator37 for my banner picture. 16 year old g1 from the UK, My favourite game series of all time is Pokemon although I also play a lot of fighters and music rhythm games. Supporter of Team Yoshi. My...
  • LSDreamscape

    I've been a fan of Screwattack ever since 2006 when I came across it while looking for a guide to Super Metroid but only now got off my ass and finally made an account XP I love old cult classic games and debating about...
  • Pyrometalhead

    Survival horror and fighter fanatic with a side of RPG here from the (not so much) arid wastelands of Arizona Fromerly known around the interwebs as Shadowknight100