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    • Diazanator

      4 years ago

      @Helljumper22 Finally a saviour to help us "Noobs" find friend, all hail the mighty Helljumper22, he has saved or loner lives online lol jk man really cool thing your doing for us nebies thanks

    • Diazanator

      4 years ago

      Waaazzz Uppppp

    • Helljumper22

      8 years ago

      Hello. I am Helljumper22. And I am With The Noob Help Program. Im Hear to help New Comers (like you) take full advantage of the Features here at Red vs Blue If u need help with anything just send me a message

      By the way Remember to post Journals Offten. If they are cool your friends will Mod them.
      Also Remember to Get lots of images because once again If they are cool your friends will Mod them.
      Also Make sure u add lots of friends so more people will see your profile.
      And Try to Get your Karma lvl up and more people will respect you.
      To get Karma Up Post comments on Things. ( Mainly other peoples profiles )

      Note I am a Real Peson not a program. U can have conversations with me!!!

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