Posted on 8/6/14 10:30am

It probably gets asked a lot, but I'm just going to go ahead and ask. What are your thoughts on Ganondorf being playable in Hyrule Warriors? Spoiler alert: He doesn't fight at all like Captain Falcon.

Posted on 7/2/14 6:14pm

Ganon's Puntos: Bioshock Infinite's 1999 Mode

After more than a 3 month absence, the Dark Lord has returned! And with tips to help you conquer 1999 mode!

Posted on 4/1/14 3:28pm

Top Ten Personal Overrated Games

Contains boobs, Anime, Smash Bros., Heisenberg, and Zelda. Y'know....for views.

Posted on 1/1/14 7:16pm

My Best and Worst Games I've Played in 2013

After far too long of a hiatus, it's time for the lord of darkness to churn a new blog out and for him to discuss his best and worst games he's played last year! Did yours make the cut?

Raptormon wrote on darkhyrulelord's profile.
Posted on 12/19/13 12:39am

I have just posted a DEATH BATTLE! blog just recently. The website is or you can simply look it up on my channel. All members of The Official DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog and Screwattack are welcome to come and see.

The Guardian wrote on darkhyrulelord's profile.
Posted on 10/22/13 12:29pm

Oh hey, June 7th, 7:31 pm, you gave me my 1000th comment. Congratulations!

Posted on 8/22/13 7:40pm

Darkhyrulelord conquers SGC! --- Part 2

My long overdue part two of my SGC experience is finally here! What did most of day 2 have in offer for everyone in my conquering? Find out here!

Posted on 8/14/13 9:11am

Dark Review: The Walking Dead (game from Telltale)

After far too long, the Dark Lord churns up another review on the Walking Dead game from 'losing' a debate. Is this game worthy of being the 2012 game of the year? Or is it a zombie nightmare?

Posted on 7/5/13 12:29am

Personal Top 10 Video Game Fireworks

You can't have a fourth of July without tons of colorful lights blasting in the sky! Therefore, it is time to discuss my personal top ten fireworks in games!

Posted on 7/1/13 12:05am

Darkhyrulelord conquers SGC! --- Part 1

In part 1 of Darkhyrulelord's trip--er--conquering of SGC, he goes through some southern states, sees Wiz and Boomstick, witnesses an epic showdown, tackles a one-button fighter, and more! Check it out!

Posted on 6/9/13 2:20am

Dark Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This time on dark reviews, we take a gander at the fourth entry of a papertastic series. Will this 3D adventure be as glorious as its predecessors? Or will it be paper-thin?

Posted on 6/5/13 1:40pm

Top 10 Personal Pet Peeves in Games

You know what grinds my gears? Whether intentional or not, it's those small pesky nitpicky problems in games that keep rearing their ugly head and give me a sour face. Here's ten of my personal gaming pet peeves.

Posted on 5/31/13 11:42pm

Death Battle Fan Comic Announcement + Summer Blog Schedule

Since I have a lot of ideas as well as much to do on my plate, here is a plan detailing a new potential Death Battle fan comic project as well as my tentative summer schedule of blogs I wish to create.

Posted on 5/26/13 8:16pm

Dark Review: Borderlands

In this dark review, does a world filled with raging beasts, bandits, claptraps turn you into the ultimate Vault hunter? Or will you be a psycho before you reach the end?

Posted on 5/16/13 4:30pm

Top 10 Games I Wish to Make

I'm sure that many gamers have a dream game that they wish to create. Even though I probably never will get around to making these, I shall share my top ten ideas for games that I wish I could make.

Posted on 4/24/13 9:51pm

Dark Review: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

(Dang that's a long title for a game.) The series of dark reviews continue as I delve into Super Smash Bros.: Sony Edition. Is this game just as good (or perhaps superior) or is it just a shameless cash-in that should be thrown in the garbage?

Posted on 4/16/13 9:41pm

Dark Review: Jak and Daxter

Dark Eco and monsters have invaded this entire blog! Oh no! What will we ever do? Read this review of course!

Posted on 4/5/13 4:12pm

My Top 10 Green Levels

With Spring (supposedly) here, I feel that it is time to bring forth a new top ten that talks about levels with the vibrant color of green!

Posted on 3/2/13 3:20pm

Dark Review: Deja Vu

Are you ready to experience a dark review that will boggle your mind? Are you ready to experience a dark review that will boggle your mind?

Posted on 2/9/13 11:23pm

Awesome g1s of 2012

2012 was an epic year on ScrewAttack thanks to a plethora of great g1s. This is where I shall praise all of the great deeds of many great g1s of this year.

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