Posted on 2/12/15 12:01pm

So planning on writing a blog analyzing the Street Fighter 5 trailer, and what to hope for and expect from the game

Posted on 2/4/15 5:17pm

In related news, we get dlc for HW that allows you to play as Tingle and Young Link with Feirce Deity Mask finishing move.... aaaaaand he sounds like he does in the game (what's the VA's name again? Help me out here) If you excuse me, I have to clean up after my nerdgasm.

Posted on 2/2/15 11:28pm

Just spoiled myself the result of the new OMM by glancing at the comments... You think I'd learn by now.

Posted on 2/1/15 10:58pm

So has anybody heard of Five Nights at Wario's? It's a VERY well made fan game and not just a reskin of FNAF, but an original game with it's own lore and area that's completely different from the two mainstream games. Personally, I find the story of the real games to be much more original and this one kind of seems boring in comparison (kind of like a bad creepypasta), but unlike FNAF, this game actually scary, or at least in my opinion. Looking forward to trying it out myself.

Posted on 2/1/15 9:01am

Well, this is the closest thing we'll get to a rematch for DB. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2IcxJ1H3yE

Posted on 1/30/15 9:09pm

Just completed all the side quests in Skyward Sword. I'll admit some of them felt tedious, frustrating even. But knowing everyone in Skyloft and below is at peace makes it well worth it in the end. *sniff* Yes, I'm getting this sentemental about a video game lol. OoT and Twilight Princess, watch out, you're up next!!

Posted on 1/29/15 5:19pm

Well this is a pain in the ass... I can't log into both profiles in seperate tabs. I don't look forward to having to sign on and off repeatedly.

Posted on 1/29/15 4:58pm

thanks for the sub again XD

Posted on 1/27/15 10:36pm

I just got these 2 death battles in my head what do you think of rayman vs crash bandicoot and albert wesker vs vamp from metal gear solid 2 and 4?

Posted on 1/25/15 2:29pm

Here you go, all the FF7 feats I could think of that apply to Cloud.

Posted on 1/25/15 12:28pm

Dude, you are playing Ninja Gaiden Z? Run away while you still can, it makes Ninja Gaiden 3 look like Ninja Gaiden 2. I got the game on day 1 from a friend and it is by far the most disappointing game of 2014 for me, and the worst one I played personally. This is not even one of those games where hipsters will go around saying "hur dur people just hate it because Ryu is not the main character" it's legitimately terrible in every single aspect.

Posted on 1/23/15 4:08pm

*Sigh*... I love it when images in my blogs just up and decide to stop working. I swear they have a mind of their own sometimes.

Posted on 1/20/15 9:03pm

So I just discovered something really weird that I simply must share with everyone. The toilet hand from the Zelda games is actually based on a Japanese grim fairy tale about a ghost that comes out of the toilet and chokes you if you forget to use toilet paper. Goddammit Japan... why do you have to be so f*cking weird??

Posted on 1/19/15 12:03pm

Is anyone else getting REALLY annoyed by everyone sh*tting on Sonic Boom? Yes, it's by no means a masterpiece but it seems people are literally trying to make it look bad. Hell, I recently saw a playthrough where the Game Grumps had this 10-minute intro where they went through a whole cutscene frame-by-frame and we're picking apart every little thing. Yes, there was a graphical error here and there and some issues with textures but that happens with literally every game at least once. There was a dip in Robotnik's lip that was barely noticeable and they're like "LOL THISGAMEISSOBAD!!" srsly?? -_- Now, I don't want to sh*t on the Grumps, I find some of their content enjoyable, but I am honestly digging for a part where this game gets as unbearably awful and broken as people are making it seem. It's not a good game, but I wouldn't say "ZOMG WORSTEST GAME EVAR 0/10 KILL IT WITH FIRE" either. I have played games that are much MUCH worse than this. Is there a part where the sh*t hits the fan and this game suddenly becomes dreadfully horrible? If not, this behavior is childish and it needs to stop.

Posted on 1/18/15 1:55pm

Holy sh*t I freaking knew it... What a coincidence too because I was just about to write a blog about this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g_2OPd25FOw#

Posted on 1/14/15 8:35pm

So... I've been watching PBG's Let's Play on Luigi's Mansion and realized what a clusterf*ck the lore in that game is... Ok, so first things first, Luigi supposedly wins a mansion in a contest he didn't even enter, Mario got there though somehow, and in addition to this he lost his shoe , hat and glove and just magically has them when you find in the painting later. And then there are the ghosts... You have Boos and then you have all these other types that I guess are like some sort of sub-speices, and then humanoid ghosts that are supposedly the dead inhabitants of the mansion. But that wouldn't make much sense considering the mansion is just an illusion created by the Boos. However, an in-game bio states that baby Chauncey is the only one who was born a ghost. But then there's the painter, Van Gore, who E Gadd said created all of the ghosts in the mansion from paintings. Just... what the absolute f*ck, Nintendo!?!?

Posted on 1/14/15 8:33am

So on FB I changed my profile pic to this. I've grown quite attached to Crono, but how many people think I should change it to this here? https://s.yimg.com/lo/api/res/1.2/QW1MS1xO8XKPRvf3DrinuA--/YXBwaWQ9eWlzZ...

Posted on 1/4/15 10:08pm

Quick heads up everyone. Going to be afk for a while.

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