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9/30/14 2:13pm

Sooooo... What started this whole stupid trend of falsley identifying any song on Youtube as "Darude-Sandstorm"? I don't get it... Not even KnowYourMeme has a legitimate answer.

9/26/14 10:48pm

I'll be sure to share my Wii U information once I get Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors. I would have done so sooner, but I didn't really have much reason to play it until now. I guarun-damn-tee you I will be playing the hell out of it when they finally come out though.

9/22/14 3:34pm
Death Battle Analysis: The Sword-Swinging, Trigger Happy, Red-Clad Bounty Hunters With an Attitude!!

Death Battle Analysis: The Sword-Swinging, Trigger Happy, Red-Clad Bounty Hunters With an Attitude!!

These two may be rivals in fighting games, but who would be the last standing in a fight to the finish?
9/16/14 9:28pm
Godzilla 2014: Review, Analysis, and Afterthoughts

Godzilla 2014: Review, Analysis, and Afterthoughts

Does the modern revival of the King of the Monsters hold up to its predecessors?
9/10/14 6:22pm


9/10/14 5:42pm

You bet man! Be sure to sub with me! Also love your background!

9/9/14 1:02pm

+1 subscription since Crono is a complete badass.

9/7/14 6:25pm

......i actually dont kow where to find it lol. ummm use the search bar. its the fastest way to get to it that i know of. its been close to more than 5 years before i read the comic

9/4/14 4:39pm

Who do you guys think should fight Doctor Doom if he were to be in a Death Battle?

8/30/14 10:58am

So I've been giving something a lot of thought. I'm not saying Battle of Gods sucks, but the major complaint I see is that the villain made the minor characters seem useless. So, what should Toriyama do? Why, what our comic books have been doing for years! Give Goku his own comic. Make Dragonball revolve around Gohan and Vegeta being the defenders of Earth, and let characters like Piccolo or Tien save the Earth from time to time so they can still seem important. Then make a manga focused solely on Goku. Call it, I don't know, Son Goku Legend.

8/28/14 7:20pm

Put nude women and sexual content in God of War and nobody bats an eye. Put a Nintendo character in high heels and everyone loses their minds.

8/27/14 8:35am

Just made all my ringtones Zelda themed. My default is Song of Storms, but when my mom calls it's "Hey, listen! ! Hey, listen! ! Hey, listen! !" XD

8/26/14 9:34pm
Gogeta vs. Vegito: Ending the Debate DEATH BATTLE STYLE!!

Gogeta vs. Vegito: Ending the Debate DEATH BATTLE STYLE!!

Before Goku vs Superman, this was the most highly debated Dragonball-related topic. It's time to put it to rest.
8/26/14 3:06pm

Well I WAS planning on posting Gogeta vs Vegito today (it's one of the most heavily debated Dragonball topics, I took it into my own hands to settle the debate) but Firefox decided to stop working, costing me hours worth of work down the toilet. I started a virus scan to see what's up. Hopefully I'll be able to recover it when it's done.

8/25/14 8:00pm

I apologize for the conversation at the Godzilla Vs Gamera comment sections.

8/24/14 10:12am

Ah yes, back when literally the whole internet was waiting for Superman vs Goku: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GeUTpvjZ8Qc# Good times, good times. ..

8/23/14 8:02am

I noticed something kinda strange yet funny. Whenever I write a blog it seems someone else posts something of the same topic around the same time. For example, right before I did Ganon vs Dracula the ODBFB did their own, my Deadpool blog was posted right when two other people did it, and there was just a video posted about Zelda theories. Oh my God... I CAN SEE THE FUUUUUTUUUUUURE!!!!

8/21/14 10:50am

I'm going to be a Black Belt next Friday!! Maybe...