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dbzfanboy-presshereformuffins94's Wall

10/22/14 4:30pm

It all makes sense not! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smGHr1vucJw

10/19/14 10:34am

Have any idea on how to change your username here? A pal of mine made a stupid username XD so he wants to change it, but I don't know how to :/

10/9/14 8:36pm

My Gps often calculates my ETA too late. I like to think I'm just so fast I transcend the barriers of time.

10/9/14 11:51am

Oh lawdy!Thank Jesus!

10/9/14 11:46am

The curse is lifted!!

10/9/14 11:28am

It can't be that, if you look up you'll notice "community" is gone. My blogs aren't gone, they just can't be read or accessed for some reason. It's gotta be the site.

10/9/14 11:19am

I can't even access my own freakin bio but somehow I got to your wall?. lol Also it looks like you blogs got deleted. I think we got banned over some misunderstanding or trolling....That or who else did this happen to?

10/9/14 11:14am

Did we joke around to much?......

10/9/14 11:00am

Ok, it's not just me. It doesn't matter if I open a window to the site logged in or not, I am unauthorized to access any pages except my own, my avatar dissapeared in the notifications bar and in my bio, in the upper bar with the links it only displays "Shows, Live Shows, Games, SGC 2014" and if I leave my wall I can't see anything. Something screwy is going on to the site. I hope it gets fixed pronto.

10/9/14 10:32am

Did...did I just get banned??

10/6/14 10:06pm


10/6/14 9:16pm

So I've decided that since I missed out on Pokemon since childhood, I'd catch up on it. What's the first one most people played? Pokemon Red, right?

10/5/14 12:39pm

From accidents can come the greatest discoveries. Who knew that chicken, macaroni, and dark chocolate taste surprisingly well together?

10/1/14 5:57pm
WHY GOKU SHOULD WIN !!!!!111!!11

WHY GOKU SHOULD WIN !!!!!111!!11

Yep. It's official. I've officially lost it.
9/30/14 2:13pm

Sooooo... What started this whole stupid trend of falsley identifying any song on Youtube as "Darude-Sandstorm"? I don't get it... Not even KnowYourMeme has a legitimate answer.

9/26/14 10:48pm

I'll be sure to share my Wii U information once I get Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors. I would have done so sooner, but I didn't really have much reason to play it until now. I guarun-damn-tee you I will be playing the hell out of it when they finally come out though.

9/22/14 3:34pm
Death Battle Analysis: The Sword-Swinging, Trigger Happy, Red-Clad Bounty Hunters With an Attitude!!

Death Battle Analysis: The Sword-Swinging, Trigger Happy, Red-Clad Bounty Hunters With an Attitude!!

These two may be rivals in fighting games, but who would be the last standing in a fight to the finish?
9/16/14 9:28pm
Godzilla 2014: Review, Analysis, and Afterthoughts

Godzilla 2014: Review, Analysis, and Afterthoughts

Does the modern revival of the King of the Monsters hold up to its predecessors?