Posted on 10/29/15 7:38pm

DEATH BATTLE Analysis: The Supreme Master of Fists

"One must defeat one's own shadow, one's own demon, or he is condemned to nothingness. I have dwelled in darkness and have conquered it. Even death is beneath me!"

Posted on 9/3/15 7:39pm

Thor and I are having a disagreement and need a third opinion.

Posted on 9/3/15 11:07am

Death Battle Analysis: The Grey-Skinned Teen Titan Sorceress who Hails from Azerath

Death Battle Researcher posts a blog about a DC character right after a blog addressing Goku vs Superman complaints? DEATH BATTLE BIASED CONFIRMED!!!!111oneeleven

Posted on 7/28/15 10:48am

Updated my Kirby vs Buu blog to compensate for new information and address more bullsh#*& arguments: http://www.screwattack.com/news/kirby-objects-defending-kirby-vs-buu

Posted on 7/4/15 6:46am

Happy Die Day, redcoats!

Posted on 6/24/15 7:47pm

Holy shit It's Magikarp!! Axe Cop and Pokemon in the same universe confirmed? http://www.hulu.com/watch/789831#i0,p15,d0

Posted on 5/19/15 11:06am

So in the back of my mind I've been mulling over Goku's new transformations and how they hold up against Supes. Even if Goku becomes universal at some point, there are only for galaxies in his universe (one for each compass direction). And if Toriyama loses his mind and makes Goku multiversal, he'd only be busting 48 galaxies(12 universes), which is pretty pathetic compared the actual universe which holds countless galaxies, and that's not even counting that there are 52 universes in the current DC canon.

Posted on 5/6/15 8:03pm

Epic advertisement fail http://oi61.tinypic.com/33z7aly.jpg

Posted on 5/5/15 7:35am

Ummm... nevermind? Turns out the episodes are in fact available, I've just been looking in the wrong place! You can expect the big redux to be up shorty, and since I'm feeling extra generous, here's a link where you can watch them. http://www.hulu.com/axe-cop I'm so pumped!!!

Posted on 5/3/15 5:49pm

Welp, it's been a month and the Season 2 episodes still aren't available on Fox's website. Sorry, but you guys are going to have to wait a bit longer for that Axe Cop blog update.

Posted on 4/24/15 9:28pm

Visiting at a friend's house who has a Nintendo 64. Put in Majora's Mask and started a profile named "BEN" just for the lawlz. But then the game started acting weird and the 64 keeps randomly resetting and I don't even touch it. That....That's just a coincidence...

Posted on 4/23/15 8:30pm

Check your pm when you get the chance dbz.

Posted on 4/22/15 8:52am

Thanks for the subscrizzle! ...Again!

Posted on 4/16/15 11:27am

Season 2 is here! ALL ABOARD THE AXE COP HYPE TRAIN!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C0OynJrxoL8#

Posted on 4/13/15 11:54am

Hmm. Great video. I actually think this is the only time we see James Rolfe and Doug Walker sitting together when they weren't trying to kill each other. http://cinemassacre.com/2015/03/30/probotectorcontra-nes-guest-doug-walker/

Posted on 4/9/15 12:20pm

hey dude let me know what you think of my new blog :)

Posted on 4/9/15 1:15am

Hello there dude.

Posted on 4/4/15 1:47pm

I have to apologize for my constant yammering about Axe Cop, although I do have a legitimate explanation. It turns out the series never actually ended, Ethan (illustrator and writer's brother) just took a break for a while. In addition to this, the Fox series is getting a second season. So you can expect my Axe Cop blog to be expanded for the new feats and abilities he gets when they come out. Ethan also said the new season will have the greatest lineup of episodes to date. Is anyone else excited about this as I am?

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