Posted on 6/8/14 9:26pm

I'm selling a lot of my games!

Come see what i have to offer

deadite1288 posted a new video
Posted on 1/8/13 2:32pm

A really late Christmas gift from deadite1288 to all the g1s

Originally done as a gift for his brother, g1 deadite1288 made a cool Metroid Prime remix, and now it's on ScrewAttack for everyone to enjoy!

Posted on 12/14/12 8:02pm, DRM free holiday sale

Come see these great deals.

Posted on 7/20/12 6:56pm
Posted on 7/19/12 7:15pm
Posted on 7/6/12 1:15pm
Posted on 7/6/12 12:20am

i'll be making another review soon, I'm just having trouble getting footage of the game.

Posted on 7/5/12 6:25pm
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